Johnny "Joey" Jones

Courtesy Facebook

Johnny “Joey” Jones is a retired United States Marine. He suffered a life-altering injury although deployed to Afghanistan as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD/Bomb) Technician. Considering that his recovery, Jones has devoted his function towards enhancing the lives of all veterans and their households.

“I was stopped by the FBI at a New York City airport due to the fact they believed my passport was in Baghdad final year,” (Johnny “Joey” Jones) mentioned. “My point is the government can not use their personal systems correctly… if you apply for a ‘Class-3’ firearm it could take 3 months or 12 months, below the similar name, so the point is we can not use the systems we have currently appropriately, why would the American individuals hand the federal government the chance to screw it up even a lot more.”

Second, Jones contends that quite a few Americans, who help the 2nd Amendment, do not completely realize the gun manage debate, and Democrats take benefit of that.

“[Democrats] use universal background checks due to the fact they know the American individuals — the portion of them that are not seasoned with firearms, think that signifies what occurs currently, which is when you stroll into a gun shop you do a background verify to buy a firearm,” concluded Jones. “The American individuals think that is what they’re attempting to sell now… a lot of these Americans that are not seasoned on the problem do think in the 2nd Amendment and help the (Americans’) suitable to use it.”

– Matt London in ‘They’re providing a master’s degree on misinformation’: Retired Marine rips O’Rourke’s gun confiscation strategy