Regular Persons Preparing for TEOTWAWKI


A single of my greatest fears when it comes to TEOTWAWKI is that I’m going to be separated from my children.  If I’m out operating errands in the nearby town that I do most of my buying in and we knowledge an EMP though I’m out, I’m concerned that I will not be in a position to speak to my kids.  Though I have offered my oldest kids (17-year-old twins) guidelines on what to do if an EMP hits, not becoming in a position to speak to them in an emergency scares me.  Communication is king.

So if TEOTWAWKI hits, why be concerned about communicating with other men and women?

Normal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKI - Communication is King(1) You will want news

If TEOTWAWKI hits, you will want news just as considerably as, if not far more than, something else.  You will want news of what’s going on about the globe, about the nation, in your corner of the nation, or even just about the corner.  Your Have to have to know what is going on will be the lifeblood of your neighborhood – it does not matter how huge or modest your neighborhood is.  News will give you hope – even if it is false – which is a distinct possibility.

(two) You will want meds and other products

There may possibly come a time when you want medicines or other products.  You may possibly want to communicate with other men and women in order to come across out somebody who may possibly have them.

(three) BarterNormal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKI - Communication is King

You have products to trade.  Other men and women may possibly want these.  Though you under no circumstances want to announce what you have more than the open airways, obtaining a way to communicate with other individuals will let you to come across possibilities for bartering.

(four) You will want to coordinate with other members of your group.

If you are operating with each other with other men and women in your survival group, you will want a way to communicate with every other, irrespective of whether it is to coordinate a defense of your location or to report one thing you see or to safeguard other individuals about you.

So How Do You Communicate Throughout TEOTWAWKI?

Listen-Only Devices

You will want a radio. Though you can only acquire on a radio, it can give an amazing quantity of precious info.  It will be one particular of the far more surefire techniques to come across issues out for the duration of TEOTWAWKI.

Normal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKI - Communication is KingCellphones

Throughout TEOTWAWKI, cell phones will not aid you communicate quite properly if you use them in a traditional way.  But there are lots of “unconventional ways” to use cell phones for the duration of any emergency, let alone TEOTWAWKI.

1.)  When you can not get by way of in a contact – use your telephone to text.  Throughout Hurricane Harvey, 7800 cell towers have been knocked out.  Telephone calls wouldn’t go by way of in most situations, but texts can often get by way of anyway.

two.)  Phones are not just for communication.  Use your apps.  There are so numerous apps that can aid with preparedness.

  • Red Cross Very first Help – No matter whether it is broken bones, bleeding, anaphylaxis or a multitude of other issues, the red cross initially help app will stroll you by way of what to do step by step
  • FM Radio app – Have to have to hear the radio but want to use your cellphone?  You can use this app.
  • Critical Oils Reference Guide – If you are an important oil aficionado, then this is the app for you.  It will inform you which oils will function for a variety of situations and which way you really should use them.  It can also sort by oils, telling you what every oil is excellent for.
  • Climate Bug – There are a multitude of climate apps.  This just takes place to be the one particular that I use.  I’ve also heard of yet another referred to as Storm from the web-site referred to as “Weather Underground.”
  • PlantNet Plant Identification – Have to have to know what plant you have in front of you?  This app will aid determine them.
  • FEMA – This will let you to place in zip codes for your loved ones.  After you do that, it will let you know when that zipcode has an alert – irrespective of whether tornado warnings or serious thunderstorm warnings or any other kind of warning.
  • Valuable Knots – Have to have to know how to tie knots?  This app will stroll you by way of the knots and how to tie them – step by step.
  • Wiser – Come in speak to with a hazardous material?  This app tells you what you really should do and how you really should manage the circumstance.
  • ICE  – In Case of Emergency App.  It will hold very important healthcare info out there to initially responders on your telephone and will list out ICE info on your lock screen.
  • Zello – This was the most downloaded app for the duration of Harvey.  It is an app that tends to make your cell telephone into a walkie talkie.  Applying Zello to send messages requires so considerably significantly less bandwidth than a cell telephone contact.  It will let you to convey info to a pre-programmed network of good friends and household by sending ‘blasts’ – info that you want to get to the network that you currently set up.

three.)  Record a new voice message as your “answering machine” message so that if somebody calls you, they know you are alright.

Communicating employing RadiosNormal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKI - Communication is King


Every single communication device has a various quantity of power that it wants to operate.  You will see various radios have various wattages.  The greater the wattage, the improved the radio will be in a position to transmit.  This is specifically significant if you will be attempting to communicate without the need of a line of web page i.e. more than mountains or into the subsequent valley or something that you can not see from exactly where you are. What’s the downside of a greater wattage?  You are going to go by way of batteries considerably far more promptly.  Some radios will let you to transform and identify your wattage so that you can use a greater wattage if you want to communicate additional or use a reduced wattage in the hopes of conserving your battery life.  Variety bargains with how FAR the radio will transmit.

Wireless FRS Radio for Communication

FRS stands for Household Radio Program.  FRS Radios are a way to communicate that is an updated version of walkie talkies.  In order for these to be legal, they have to operate in between 462-467 MHz which suggests that they are kept off of Ham Radio frequencies (that you have to be licensed to speak on) and law enforcement frequencies.

FRS radios are wonderful for communication in between household members in relatively close proximity.  Even if they say they are excellent for 20-25 miles, the truth of the matter is that they are typically clear about 1-two miles out more than relatively flat terrain.  FRS Radios are straightforward to study and to operate, so they are a wonderful option for newbies.

This kind of radio would be best for your survival group as you function with each other for the welfare and protection of your neighborhood.  This will let you to communicate merely and successfully more than fairly quick distances of a mile or two.

Normal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKI - Communication is King
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GMRS Radios for Communication

GMRS Stands for Basic Mobile Radio Service.   This kind of radio does demand you to get a license to operate it, but in contrast to Ham radios, you do not have to take a test.   And what’s improved is one particular license covers the entire household.  They typically have a accurate variety of up to 25 miles and the good quality is nonetheless decent at that variety.

The greatest downside to employing GMRS radios, specifically you are hoping to get info, is that there are not a lot of men and women employing them.  Do you have a loved one particular who lives farther away than 1-two miles, but closer to you than 20 miles?  These are wonderful for becoming in a position to speak with somebody who is not closeby but you want to hold up with or somebody who is traveling from a quick distance to be with you.

Ham Radio for Communication

Normal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKI - Communication is King

FRS radio does not demand a license.  GMRS radios demand a license, but you do not have to take a test.  Ham Radios demand you to get a license by taking a test in order to transmit – now.  If we ever get to TEOTWAWKI and are living WROL (Without having Rule of Law) then all bets are off.  Ham radio has 3 various levels of licenses that you can get – Technician’s license, Basic, and Amateur Added.   Each license level adds various frequencies that you are permitted to transmit on.

These have so numerous upsides.  The greatest upside is that they can communicate more than quite lengthy distances.  My son has heard men and women as far away as Ontario and we reside in central Illinois.  You can use antennas to let you to communicate with men and women even farther away.  A single of the greatest advantages of employing a ham radio is that there is a network of operators worldwide exactly where you can relay info and hear lots of news.  If you actually wanted to get info on what is going on in the globe, employing a Ham Radio is possibly the way to go!

What About You?

With whom will you want to communicate if every little thing goes crazy?  How do you program on communicating with them?  Do you currently have any of these techniques of communication in your property?  Which have you had a likelihood to practice?  Share with us in the comments, so that we can all be improved ready.

Collectively let’s Appreciate, Discover, Practice, and Overcome

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