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October 17th, 2019

Scandinavian Bolt-Action Speed Shooting — Stangskyting

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How rapid can you shoot a bolt-action rifle? We doubt you can out-pace the ace “Stangskyting” shooters from Scandinavia. Some of these guys can run far more than two rounds per second, like mag alterations! That is impressive. Bulletin reader C. Lemmermann from Denmark told us: “In Scandinavia we have this competitors named ‘Stangskyting’. It is related to the ‘Mad Minute’ but we only have 25 seconds to hit the target [at] 200-300m distance with a six.5×55 [target rifle].” In the Stangskyting video under a shooter named Børklop puts 16 rounds on target in just 25 seconds. (He begins with a round in the chamber and cycles via 3, five-round magazines).

Børklop’s efficiency, with just a sling and iron sights, is impressive. He’s shooting a Sauer 200 STR target rifle with five-round magazine. Note that Børklop manipulates the Sauer’s bolt with his thumb and index finger, though pulling the trigger with his middle finger. As excellent as Børklop is, some Stangskyting competitors are even much better. Roy Arne Syversrud from Oslo, Norway tells us: “The ideal shooters in Norway can do 21 shots in 25 seconds, altering the mag 3 occasions.”

Here’s yet another Stangskyting video. Verify out the speed with which John Olav Ågotnes performs that action — merely astounding!

This Guy Could Break the “Mad Minute” Record
Børklop’s price of fire, 16 rounds in 25 seconds, is the equivalent of 38.four rounds in 60 seconds. That is a notable quantity since the record for the “Mad Minute”, a British Army marksmanship drill, is 38 rounds in 1 minute. That record was set in 1914 by Sergeant Instructor Alfred Snoxall, and nevertheless stands. So as you watch Børklop, preserve in thoughts that Snoxall shot that rapid for a complete minute with a Lee-Enfield almost 100 years ago!

Børklop has an typical cycling time of 1.56 seconds per shot, beginning with a round in the chamber. To beat the record of 38 rounds, he would have to have to make seven mag alterations in sixty seconds. All these mag swaps could minimize his typical time per shot, generating it complicated to realize 38 hits in a minute. But, if Børklop could use 10-round mags with his Sauer STR, this guy has the expertise to break the record.

Sauer 200 STR Target Rifle

To emphasize the capabilities of the WWI-era British shooter who set the record, Snoxall shot as rapid as Børklop does, but Snoxall reloaded with stripper clips. Snoxall’s SMLE (Lee-Enfield) rifle also had comparatively crude open sights and the stock was far much less ergonomic than Børklop’s Sauer STR stock.

Here’s yet another Stangskyting video displaying John Ågotnes shooting rapidfire with his Sauer 200 STR (Scandinavian Target Rifle) chambered in six.5×55. By our count, Ågotnes manages 17 shots inside the 25-second time period. That price of fire (17 in 25 seconds) equates to 40.eight rounds in 1 minute!

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