Why the HK ProMags Do not Function


Like a mini fellow VP nine owners the notion of a 17 round flush-match Magazine is seductive and imminently attractive.

So it was with terrific interest that I bought the aftermarket 17 round magazine created by ProMag. These are billed as functioning in the HKVP9 and the HK P30.

Following some evaluation and testing, it has develop into apparent that these will not function. They do not reliably engage the slide lock.

I was hoping I could modify out the follower to a factory follower and make it function? But it seems the ProMag follower has practically nothing in frequent with an actual factory HK follower. 

They are so various that I suspect that ProMag didn’t even attempt to make an HK certain follower. As an alternative deciding upon to use an current or generic follower with a slight tweak to an current mag physique in their inventory.

But that is merely speculation. The failure price of the pro mag is demonstrated reality.





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