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Cutting down some dead oaks on the pasture edge Figure I will have 35-36 cords when performed cutting and splitting it. Some fairly excellent sized in the 75′-80′ extended trunks and 30″-46″ diameter. Crowns limbs will be this winters firewood, trunks nonetheless also wet to season sufficient for this winters burning. Should really almost certainly have ran the 36″ and beneath via the sawmill for lumber but truly require to rebuild my fire wood reserves. I like to preserve five years worth in a barn and 1-two years worth in outdoors cords beneath tarps.

Just bringing up in the tractor bucket to split later, this pile is the initial two trees trunks to come out Only 17 additional trees to go :)

Have not brought considerably of the reduce up limbs up but, moisture is low sufficient in these to just split and burn.

Broke down and purchased a couple of new husqvarna saw final week. Stihl just ain’t cutting it for me. Have not even dulled a chain on the brand new Stihl 391 and it has require three main repairs. Now it desires a new coil. The Husqvarn’s have been functioning three days straight now. Should really have just purchased two new 460 Husq Ranchers when I ultimately entirely ragged to final two out just after 10 and 12 years of really hard operate and abuse.

On of the 30″ trees I dropped this morning. She was a heavy one particular that created the ground shake when she hit.
Extended view of it , currently reduce 10′ off ahead of I took the pic. LOL judged that one particular just appropriate…… fell about six” quick of the hog feeder. Nonetheless torn on creating lumber or fire wood. This one particular with all the knots would have created some genuine fairly 1X wall boards. Also make some pretty excellent extended burning fire wood LOL.


Never know how a lot of cords I will will get out of the crowns of all these trees, sufficient for this winter and almost certainly subsequent. The trees have been dead two years now so all the small brush is extended gone. The limbs are dry and having brittle but nonetheless pretty dense and excellent fire wood. I let the Bull and Cows kill these trees intentionally by rubbing the bark off about the base with their horns. Soon after two years standing dead all the small brush drops and rots and I am left with nothing at all but fire wood and or mill logs. Saves me from obtaining to drag brush. And I wanted to make this section of pasture complete sun.

Have my 100# propane tanks and 20# tanks filled, generally fill them up just after each and every show throughout the marketplace and occasion season. Will empty the 100# tanks all out more than the winter heating the industrial kitchen. Even although it does not get considerably use more than winter gotta preserve it warm or the pipes will freeze. I use the 20# tanks in the cabin for morning when I was also lazy to get up and place additional wood in the stove, I believe we have 18 of them now and I will make it a point to empty them as effectively and refill in the spring to commence fresh.

Checked the insulation and heat tape on the outdoors pipes and hydrants. Discovered the really hard way frost proof hydrants will freeze when it gets cold sufficient a extended time ago.

Opened up the chest with the carharts, sweaters and heavy socks and created positive my ass did not get to fat to match in the carharts. A bit snug but workable :)

Did the fall workplace cleaning. I preserve a handful of weapons on the workplace wall and they gather a bit of dust more than the summer season so I break them down and give them a excellent cleaning and oil job. The cable goes via the trigger guards and if reduce or removed with out deactivating the technique from a various place sets off the alarms. For these asking yourself leading to bottom Remington 700 in .300winmag, Galil in five.56, Marlin 926 .22mag, H &ampR Single shot 20gauge, Reminton .22LR , Rock Island 200 .38+p, And my most lethal weapon MY FLY SWATTER! Wife was having annoyed with guns on each and every wall and in each and every corner of the cabin……. So I spread them about and preserve a affordable quantity in the cabin. Anyway they ALL get broke down cleaned and oiled in between now and the finish of November each and every year. Verify the oil lamps and lanterns creating positive all have excellent wicks, mantles and not dry rot in the O rings and seals on the lanterns. Restock batteries for flashlights and radios. Open up the solar combiner box and make positive no mud dobbers got in and filled them up with clay nest. Verify all the connection, verify the outdoors cables for put on or breakdown. Run the test on the charge controller, test the batteries, load test the inverters. Make positive the heat strips on the panels are functioning (Melts ice off fairly quickly when required), Test all of the 12 volt back up fans and lights. Strip test stored fuel to make positive it is viable. Just fairly considerably verify and test almost everything leading to bottom from anti freeze to Zareba fence chargers. I guarantee if I never verify, test and clean stuff that will be when it fails when I require it :)




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