18 Points to Constantly Have in Your Purse


All correct, Survival Moms, what a single factor do we ladies constantly have inside quick attain?  Our purses, of course.  Most of us have preparedness things at house, at our BOL (Bug Out Place), and in the vehicle.  But if we’re in the mall or at the park when an emergency predicament happens, our purses really should include the sources which will enable us survive and allow us to attain our subsequent level of preparedness.

If you have never ever believed of issues to constantly have in your purse, here’s my list to get you began.

18 Things to Always Have in Your Purse , things to have in your purse

These are the survival necessities I chose and carry in my purse:

Signaling/light devices

1.  Emergency whistle (with a compass)

two.  A mirror

three.  LED flashlight with strobe function

four.  Bic lighter

Healthcare supplies

five.  Pill box containing two of each and every:  Tylenol, Advil,  Tums, Benadryl

six.  A couple of Bandaids

7.  two alcohol swabs


eight.  Six-function Swiss army knife or multi-tool


9.  Constantly some compact bills ($1, $five), and quarters for machines and Aldi!

Comfort/entertainment things

10.  Tic Tacs

11.   Gum

12.   2 moist wipes

13.   Modest crossword puzzle book, Sudoku, something to enable you pass the time

14.   Modest writing pad

15.   Pen and pencil

16.   Package of Kleenex


17.  Package of six Ritz cracker sandwiches or an power bar

18.  eight oz. of water

Whilst the list appears like very a load, it in fact requires up minimal space due to the fact quite a few things on the list are issues most of us currently carry (mirror, pillbox, Kleenex, writing pad, pen/pencil, money).  The comfort/entertainment things are issues I carried lengthy just before I knew about “prepping”.  The things especially for an emergency are in a compact makeup bag (whistle, flashlight, pillbox, Swiss knife, healthcare supplies, Bic lighter).

Meals and water are the most tough to accommodate in a purse. From time to time I may carry a package Ritz crackers due to the fact they’re low-cost, very easily rotated, packaged adequately, and very easily shared, but at the moment, my preference is a Sort higher-power bar with nuts.

I’ve carried water in a compact plastic bottle, but it often leaked and was awkwardly shaped. My answer was to use an object created for carrying liquids in difficult locations:  an ordinary stainless steel flask, obtainable in sizes from four oz to 18 oz. It is quick and low-cost to refill as soon as a week. A different alternative is heavy-duty mylar pouches filled with water. They’re a a single-time use item but are compact and quick to carry.

The goal of my purse survival kit is to allow me to meet instant demands if an emergency happens although I’m away from my vehicle or house. As lengthy as I have my purse, I know I’m ready not only for significant disasters but also for the small bumps of life.

More than the years I’ve necessary most of these things at a single time or one more: a thunderstorm as soon as knocked out the lights in the theater and I was the only individual with a flashlight, new footwear rubbed a blister and I had a Bandaid, a two-hour wait in the doctor’s workplace was much less miserable due to the fact I had the crossword puzzle book and the crackers. The Swiss army knife has been the single most helpful item I carry. I’ve employed it to reduce threads, pull out splinters, tighten glasses, and file broken fingernails.

It is funny how possessing just the correct set of compact, versatile, and handy supplies and gear can make all the distinction in the planet when a single of these pesky small emergencies take place, and it will take just a couple of minutes to equip your personal purse so you will be prepared.


18 Things to Always Have in Your Purse via The Survival Mom

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