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The view from Nick Kussoff’s hunting spot. (Photo: Nick Kussoff)

Guns.com is interviewing hunters and collecting stories on memorable hunts from about the nation. Sometimes a buck comes into your life at just the suitable moment. For Nick Kussoff that moment was 2017 in Pennsylvania’s Black Moshannon State Park. On 1 of his final hunts in the Keystone State, Kussoff headed into the woods, earning a story he would recall for a lifetime.

I was obtaining prepared to move down to Florida and I knew it was going to be 1 of my final hunting seasons in Pennsylvania. I was living in State College, Pennsylvania at the time. I had graduated from Penn State and just stuck about. 1 of my pretty superior buddies from my hometown of Scranton worked for the Forestry Division in Pennsylvania as a forester. He had the inside scoop on all the superior hunting spots. He couldn’t go with me on opening day but he told me about this 1 spot.

There was a location we’d hiked ahead of, exactly where he was repairing fences. He mentioned that his guides have been seeing a lot of major deer. It was fairly hard to get to spot but he mentioned it was worth checking out. I was currently somewhat familiar with the region but he gave me a map and directions to the location.

The 1st day I went there, it was a tiny bit extra tricky than I anticipated. I borrowed my roommate’s truck and drove a tiny additional away than I wanted to, creating the hiking extra tricky than I had hoped for, but I get to my spot fairly a lot at daybreak and it was completely great. It was a creek bed in this valley amongst two steeper mountains. The mountains had been a lot steeper than I anticipated so it was a welcomed break when I got down there.


(Photo: Nick Kussoff)

I packed fairly light for the reason that I knew I’d be moving about. I had my grandfather’s Winchester 30-30 that he normally took out with me. It was the 1st time the Winchester had been out given that he had passed. It was fairly cool to bring it with me for that purpose extra or much less.

I brought my camera so I believed I would take some photos of the sun as it came out. I located a good spot and I place my camera and gun down to get my pack off so I could take off my parka given that I was obtaining a tiny warm. It was dead quiet when normally in Pennsylvania on opening day it sounds like Planet War III. All you hear is gunshots– particularly on public house. This was in Black Moshannon State Park which is massive but even at that if you go a day without having seeing a person else, it is genuinely exclusive. But, so far, I didn’t see any person else or hear any person else. It was type of eerie.

I took a couple of sips of water and went to choose up my stuff once again. I had 1 of these feelings exactly where you know a thing is watching you. I took a swift appear about and possibly 30-yards behind me there’s a deer, just type of watching me as I’m hanging out. All my stuff is on the ground and he’s got me fundamentally fixed. He was just watching what I was undertaking. Then he turned his head. Increasing up, I’ve observed a lot of major deer. I’ve watched them get larger and larger as the years went on and management got improved and improved.


(Photo: Nick Kussoff)

This was, hands-down, the most significant deer I had ever observed.

When he turned his head it was like a chandelier of antlers. I hadn’t had buck fever given that I was 13 but at that moment I was freaking out. It was a moment of shock and panic. He was watching me the entire time, that close, and I was wide out in the open. I was standing there like an idiot. I didn’t know regardless of whether to move or wait him out.

He turned his head just a bit and I believed I had an opening. I crouched down and grabbed my grandpa’s gun. As quickly as I did that, it was like a thing from David Copperfield. The factor just vanished. These have been open woods and I nevertheless do not know exactly where he went. He just disappeared in the time it took me to grab the gun and turn about. Entirely gone.

That was the only deer I saw that day. For improved or worse, below the circumstance and provided how far away my truck was, it was the greatest outcome but it was the buck of a lifetime. It was 1 of these moments exactly where, if my grandpa had been with me, he would have believed it was fairly comical.


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