HR guy Mark sends his “Black and Stainless” ensemble now.  By means of Every day Carry.

He adds this comment:

October EDC-ing. The Winthrop holster is such a terrific comfy holster with the PPK beneath a jacket. Ideal on crisp fall evenings.

The Gerber Covert auto blade is slick.  Like that a lot.  Charges a couple of bucks, but good.  Reminds me of a Sykes-Fairbairn style of blade.

Fascinating selection of gun:  Walther PPK.  A terrific gun.  For 1970.  But if he likes it, extra energy to him. Just guessing he fancies himself a bit like James Bond with the “Semper Occultus” name tape.

As an aside, I’m beginning to wonder if my GLOCK guns could just be about ten or twenty years from cutting edge…  And in 20 years, will be GLOCK be sort of like the S&ampW two-digit semi-autos of the 1970s and early 80s is to today’s greatest and most effective guns?

Mark’s also old-college on the Winthrop leather, outdoors-the-waistband rig.  A lot more energy to him.  I have a couple of myself.  Seldom carry them since they nearly necessitate wearing a blazer or suit coat to conceal them nicely.  But to every single his or her personal.

Good Rolex GMT Master watch.  Likely worth extra than all the rest of the stuff place with each other.  Unless it is a “repro,” LOL.  And he also carries a $1 pen and a $1 Bic lighter.  Hmmm.

Thanks Mark.  Great stuff.