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by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

This report covers:

  • How to level the scope devoid of a scope level
  • Target sheet
  • But…
  • Extra precision
  • Making use of the Pelletgage
  • Summary

This will be a quick a single, even though it took longer to generate than a normal report. Now I want to share a couple crucial strategies that I use a lot. Hopfuly these will be of some assist to you.

How to level the scope devoid of a scope level

If you shoot targets at distances beyond 25 yards and want to maintain your groups tiny, you want to level the rifle for just about every shot. Half a degree right here and there will open a group. But there are not several scopes with internal bubble levels and installing an optional level is a “just-a-gonna” workout that we under no circumstances look to get about to. At least I do not!

But if you are shooting at a target, which is likely a single of the handful of occasions you care about group size, there is a great way to do it. Most effective of all, it is totally free!

Target sheet

Let’s say you are shooting at a target 50 yards away. You have a 12-energy scope, so the bulls are visible but they do not fill your view. Basically use the alignment of the bulls to level the scope!

Use either the horizontal or the vertical reticle line to align the scope, and as a result the gun, with the centers of all the bulls. It appears like this.

big target
I know this appears basic, but it performs!


What if the target is not level to commence with? It is 50 yards downrange and the variety is active with other shooters. I can not get in touch with for a cold variety proper now!
Oh, NO!!!

Unwind. The target does not have to be completely level. As lengthy as you place the reticle more than the other target the exact same way for just about every shot, there will be no adjust in the cant of the rifle. That is what you want. If it is half a degree off level it will not make any distinction.

Extra precision

I’ve been shooting the Air Arms S510XS Ultimate Sporter at 25 yards and I have been leveling the reticle in the following way. Given that the Meopta scope is so crystal clear, I have been seeking at just a single bull rather of several on a target sheet. But there is nonetheless a way to level the scope.

one bull
Do you see how this performs?

one bull covered
Yes, it is just that uncomplicated! The only factor you do not see right here is the illuminated dot the the Meopta scope place more than the 10-ring (which is also a tiny dot).

Making use of the Pelletgage

I have study the comments of readers about making use of the Pelletgage, which I featured in yesterday’s report. Some folks have valid inquiries, but other people are just imagining how it performs and selecting it apart devoid of ever getting observed a single. So I believed that now I would show you how I use mine.

In the video you are about to see I say at the finish that I have observed pellets with head size variations of six TENTHS of a millimeter. That ought to be six HUNDREDTHS of a millimeter! I’m not going to repair it in the video simply because it requires the You Tube compiler 45 minutes to get the film prepared each and every time it is uploaded.


There you have it. I practically place this in with the “Basics of Shooting” report, but these points are not standard. They are actually a lot more sophisticated strategies.


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