Beyond the Borescope — BEMIS Laser Barrel Inspection Machine


Chesapeake Testing BEMIS laser bore scanner barrel inspection machine
Right here is the BEMIS-SC (Little Caliber) Barrel Inspection Machine. This laser method captures thousands of precise information points more than the complete length of a .22-.50 caliber bore

Do you assume your digital borescope is a state-of-the-art bore inspection device? Effectively assume once more. There is now some thing way much more sophisticated than any optical or electro-optical borescope. A new laser-equipped scanning device can map the complete interior surface of a barrel bore. With this new technologies you can now examine every single land and every single groove, millimeter by millimeter, from the chamber to the tip of the muzzle. The most minute flaw in a barrel can now be revealed.

Chesapeake Testing BEMIS laser bore scanner barrel inspection machineThe new device is named the BEMIS-SC&#x2122 (for Barrel Inspection Machine Little Caliber). Operated by NTS Chesapeake Testing, BEMIS-SC performs non-destructive laser-primarily based mapping of gun bores. The BEMIS-SC at present performs with .22 caliber to .50 caliber (five.56 &#8211 12.7 mm) barrels. The BEMIS captures thousands of very precise information points more than the complete length of a barrel. The inspection can be completed in mere minutes, with scan outcomes displayed in graphical, tabular, and 3D visual formats. Right here is a barrel cross-section, as scanned by the BEMIS-SC:

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Chesapeake Testing BEMIS laser bore scanner barrel inspection machine

Till the 1980s, gun tube inspection had to be carried out by hand applying a manual “star” gauge, a course of action that would take hours and offer minimal information. Electronic gauges had been sooner or later created along with the video bore scope, but these systems had been nevertheless restricted to extremely couple of, low-resolution information points. That has all changed with the BEMIS&#x2122, a large leap forward in technologies that is capable of swiftly capturing thousands of precise information points.

Chesapeake Testing commenced BEMIS-SC barrel inspection solutions in September 2014. Testing is performed in Chesapeake&#8217s industrial barrel inspection laboratory, situated in Belcamp, MD, minutes from the U.S. Army Aberdeen Proving Ground. When testing is at present restricted to .22 to .50 caliber barrels, Chesapeake Testing will accommodate each smaller sized and bigger calibers in the future.

“We have usually focused on developing our business about extremely one of a kind technologies. BEMIS&#x2122 has changed the sector in regards to the inspection of weapon systems. We are excited to be an exclusive companion with LTC in this sector and appear forward to contributing to the future of this technologies,” says Jim Foulk, founder and president of Chesapeake Testing.


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