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The European Outside Film Tour 19/20 has began its journey to far more than 500 events in 20 nations. It will come to the UK amongst November 1 and 14. The tour is at Edinburgh and Glasgow on November 10 and 11.

A 1st skiing descent of Lhotse. ©The North Face

The programme of films involves two new additions, a spectacular 1st ski descent from Lhotse, the fourth highest mountain in the planet, by athletes Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison.

Freedom to Roam @Pablo-Durana_

It also introduces Freedom to Roam, an inspiring portrait of adventurer and polar expert, Sarah McNair-Landry, who is the winner of the 21st Century Adventurer Award.

The programme comprises a total of nine films with a operating time of 120 minutes.

Far more E.O.F.T. 19/20 films

ZEPPELIN SKIING Accessing backcountry freeriding with a Zeppelin.

Zeppelin Skiing. ©Mirja-Geh

NINA WILLIAMS: Hugely ILLOGICAL: Highball bouldering with Nina Williams.

CONTRADDICTION: A thoughtful tribute to snowboarding by Elias Elhardt.

RETURN TO EARTH: Mountain bike action on some of the most lovely trails in the planet.

LE MINIMALISTE – A HIMALAYAN ADVENTURE: Eliott Schoenfeld brings the least quantity of gear probable to cross the Himalayas.

AFRICA RIDING: KARIM: Skating by way of the streets of Kigali, Rwanda‘s capital city.

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