As far as Gavin Newsom is concerned, extremism in defense of gun handle is never ever a vice.

California currently has amongst the strictest gun laws in nation. Prior to this, Californians could only obtain one particular handgun per month, with a ten-day-waiting period to choose up the gun after it is bought and a ban on modern day sporting rifles. Earlier this year, the state needed background checks to buy ammunition.

The most recent gun laws are drawing ire even just before the ink has dried on Newsom’s signature. The new laws will:

  • Enact age-primarily based gun bans for adults beneath the age of 21 who want to obtain centerfire rifles.
  • Ban gun shows at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.
  • Eradicate the state’s $100 cap for concealed-carry permit costs (creating the charge limitless).
  • Call for “precursor parts” (like unfinished reduced receivers, barrels, and triggers) to be sent to a licensed dealer for background checks and costs to be assessed.
  • Expand so-known as “red-flag” laws to permit college administrators, employers, and co-workers to petition courts to have firearms confiscated.
  • Expand extreme threat protection orders from one particular-to-5 years, permits courts to problem simultaneous search warrants, eliminating the suitable to due procedure.

Even the ACLU, hardly a gun-loving organization, stated the final one particular was also a great deal for them. They stated it “poses a substantial threat to civil liberties.” Brown, who loved to sign gun handle laws, rejected similar legislation twice.

– Lawrence Keane in Gov. Newsom Fiddles With Pointless Gun Restrictions Even though California Burns