Delighted New Summer season Cottage To Us!


Never recon I have to have to start off a new thread, I will just add my ramblings to this 1.

Been spending each and every moment attainable at the cottage this summer season.
Planned small updating right here and there.
Some supplies currently acuired trough Facebook fleamarkets (kitchen cabinetry for €50, sink for 10, totally free stone countertop with two stainless sinks and tap for totally free, will turn into fish processing table) waiting for a mason to come more than and give an supply for redoing the fireplace, the present 1 is gorgeous, but with zero heat retention.
Arranging to integrate a cooking fireplace into it.
Discovered and add for a couple of old ones, cast iron with cement inside, 1 from the turn of the century and a further from about 1930’s 150€ every, have to have a bit of tlc but soon after that I could sell the newer 1 for about €700 so worth a small function.


The second 1 goes for up to 900 when refurbished, that is the 1 we like.

We are hoping to create anything like this (grabbed pic from net) but rather of open fireplace, 1 with glass door on the side and a “window” behind the cooker.

Going to choose up new solar panel tomorrow, 315w bushbar version and two new batteries 6V 605Ah, ought to give additional than the present 1 that has taken two weeks to get a 120Ah battery from 30% to 70% as we had an accident and drained it as well low.

Virtually managed to burn down the smoke sauna, the ceiling caught fire, but fortunate we have been all sitting subsequent to it at the time and soon after endless buckets of water from the lake, we nonetheless have the developing, minus a inner ceiling.

Caught quite a few bass and 1 10lb pike, identified wild rasberry, chantarelles.

The subsequent home is owned by a 90+ year old fellow and he is not going to come and gather the wind harm wood lying criss cross on his side, so it appears we get to go in with chainsaws and take years worth of firewood. Need to have to have a further chat with him to confirm permission and to perhaps speak about obtaining ~2acres to combine the two plots we have.

Edit: forgot about the battle of feeding five men and women and five dogs with out a appropriate fridge (campervan size). The summer season was warmest in recorded history and a lot of meals was wasted. Waste I do not like, so soon after a handful of discussions and months worth of stalking applied gas fridges for sale I got permission to go and get the greatest 1 brand new. As it was the finish of season I got the showroom model for a fantastic discount (nonetheless darn high-priced) .



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