Gear of the Week: Ortovox Fleece Light Grid Jacket


Ortovox Fleece Light Grid

Our take Grid style in a fleece is nothing at all new, but constructing it out of merino is an uncommon makeup. That is what tends to make the Fleece Light Grid such a versatile piece, as it combines the air channels amongst the raised bits of merino with wool’s organic temp-regulating properties. (Only the interior of the fleece is merino the face fabric is polyester.) We went on trail runs in this jacket beneath sunny skies and temps in the 60s devoid of swamping out, and it also kept us warm more than a t-shirt on days about 40°F with howling winds in Denali National Park.

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The facts This minimalist piece only has a single chest pocket, but it is huge adequate to hold a smartphone. Polyamide/elastane reinforcements on the shoulders and forearms resisted abrasion when lugging a 45-pound pack in the thick backcountry brush through a weeklong expedition. The Fleece Light Grid packs down to the size of a softball. Bummer: It is high-priced.

Trail cred “I was afraid wading by way of the alders in Denali would imply lots of snags on the polyester exterior, but I do not see any pilling right after 4 months of heavy use,” our tester says.


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