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  1. In a SHTF circumstance, what would you feed your goats? Feed them via the winter?


  2. If just meat goats I would just let them forage. Milk goats I would in all probability reduce orchard grass and clover hay for them. Based on how deep into a SHTF would be a disc mower, haybine, ground driven sickle bar and the horses or great old scythe. Advantage of goats is they take care of themselves on wild forage just fine. Drawback is some of the wild forage tends to make some funky milk.


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  4. Cause that they applied to have goat herders, nearby guy let goats run loose in woods, got into some plant, a type of mountain laurel I assume, and they died. Though they can forage effectively, if TSHTF, you are not just going to be in a position to get 10 goats, turn them out, and have endless meat and milk. They can forage and consume brush and other feeds that would starve a horse, but if you want a trusted meals supply, in the northern states, you will have to place up some type of hay and for seriously great milk and fast development, would be far better off with at least some grain. Though they have numerous positive aspects, I do not like them and will stick to pigs, no milk, but the pork chops, ham, bacon, and so forth, confident beat roast goat.


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