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In this post, we are going to be taking a appear at dehydrated meals. We have all noticed the packages of shriveled up banana slices, and the dried vegetables in packets. You might even have eaten them. Having said that, when you are a prepper, it is not just banana and vegetables that you want to consume. Although they are terrific foods, it will get really dull, really speedily.

That is why we are going to be seeking at actual meals, what they are, how extended they will final, and how to make them oneself.

What Are Dehydrated Meals?

Dehydrated meals are meals that are created up of unique foods that you would ordinarily have in a meal, place into a storage container of some sort, and then cooked when you want them. Dehydrating meals dates back to as far as 12,000 BC. So, it is an ancient procedure that has served individuals nicely for a extended time. That leads us to the query of what is dehydrated meals?

Dehydrated meals is any meals that has had the water taken out of it. In the ancient days, that procedure was completed by only placing meals in the hot sun and enabling the meals to dry out. Having said that, that procedure has changed very a bit due to the fact then. Though, if push came to shove, and you reside in a dry and hot sufficient spot, you could nonetheless use that method.

The Egyptians had been the 1st individuals to use the sun to dry meals out for preservation actively, but that was practically not possible in wetter climates such as Europe. That is exactly where the starting of the evolution of meals dehydration begins.

hang drying food

Initially, fish and meat had been speedily dried in the desert by putting them in direct sunlight till all of the water had evaporated. Right after that was discovered to be really valuable in preserving meals, individuals began to hang foods such as herbs, fruits, and vegetables up on a line across a area by an open fire.

People today nonetheless use each of these strategies now, and if you want to attempt it for oneself, hold reading for our guide on how to do it.

So, What Meals Can You Make By Dehydration?

Currently, there are so several unique foods that are created by dehydration. Pasta and rice packets are some of the key factors that you have noticed as actual meals. You might even have some of them in your cupboard at dwelling. We use them very on a regular basis, in truth, I purchased some just yesterday. Now, in the 21st century, there are so several strategies of dehydration that there is practically absolutely nothing that can not be dehydrated.

Additional normally than not, you will be capable to appear in your cupboards at dwelling and uncover different meals that has been by way of this procedure. Now, individuals do it like that for a handful of causes:

Storage and Transportation

When you dehydrate some thing, it requires out all of the water. Foods will normally have additional water in them than you assume. Take the easy garden pea, for instance. Peas are the seeds of the annual pea plant. When individuals harvest peas, they can be up to 7.5mm or .3inches in diameter with a water content material of up to 14%. (More than 14% and they come to be unable to be employed.)

Pea seeds dehydrate to a point at which they have as tiny as five% water without the need of deterioration. So, if we contemplate 100lbs of peas, there is up to 14% of that which is water, that is 14lbs. If peas are dehydrated to five% water content material, that implies that we lower that water weight by 9lbs. If you assume about that by the truckload, that is an awful lot of weight that you can save by dehydration.

Not only can you save a substantial quantity of weight, but you can also save a lot of space by removing the water from them. A 7.5mm pea can shrink down to about 4mm. That is almost a 50% space saving as well!

Lengthening use-by dates

Think it or not, oxygen is what tends to make meals go undesirable. That is why it is hugely advisable to shop meals in airtight containers. Having said that, water has a lot of oxygen in it, as well. Consequently, removing the water, and the oxygen contained in water will lengthen the use-by date by very a lot alone. The periods can be extended once again by using unique storage strategies.

How Extended Do They Final?

How extended do dehydrated meals final is like asking how extended a piece of string is? It all depends on what components you use, how considerably you dry them, and how you shop them. Having said that, Although we are speaking about peas, let’s have a appear at the length of time that you can make them final in comparison to fresh.

For this instance, we are going to appear at how extended the meals will final in a pantry. That is due to the fact, as a prepper, you are really unlikely to be operating a refrigerator on your generator when you want this meals the most.

  • Fresh peas in the pod. – two-three days if you do not shell the peas till you want them.
  • Dried peas in Air-tight container. – four-five years.
  • Dried peas in container with O2 absorber. – Indefinite time.
  • Canned peas. – About a single year.

As you can see, you can drastically lengthen the usage time of peas from days to an infinite quantity of time if you use the appropriate storage strategies and O2 absorbers.

Having said that, not all foods will have this endless quantity of time that you can shop them. You will want to verify how extended each and every meals will final. But the use of oxygen absorbers in an airtight container will considerably raise the shelf life of any meals. Take a appear inside a packet of jerky, for instance.

Strategies Of Dehydration

There are a handful of strategies that are becoming employed now to dehydrate meals for storage. In this section, we are going to have a fast appear at what they are:


  • Sunlight. – Sunlight is the oldest way of drying meals for storage, and of course, it nonetheless performs now. All you want to do is lay your meals out in a hot, sunny spot and wait. It does have its downfalls although. You have to be in a climate that supports it, and you have to hold an eye on it to make certain that absolutely nothing gets onto the meals.
  • Oven. – Oven drying is in all probability the most typical way in which the typical particular person dries meals. But it requires very a extended time to do and stops you applying the oven for something else.
  • Microwave. – Microwaves can dry modest amounts of meals fairly completely. Having said that, it is only modest amounts of meals, such as herbs.
  • Household dehydrator. – Household dehydrators are the way to go now. They are comparatively inexpensive to purchase, and they do not take up any other cooking appliance in the dwelling.
  • Freeze-Drying. – Freeze-drying meals is a fairly excellent way to preserve meals for extended term. Having said that, you want a vacuum chamber, and it has to be a fairly massive a single to make any meals for prepping.

As you can see, there are 5 key strategies in which you can dehydrate meals. Having said that, there is a single that stands out from the rest. If you want to make your personal dehydrated meals, then you must invest in a dehydrator.

How To Make Your Personal Dehydrated Meals

Preppers have got a couple of selections: You can either purchase prepared-created dehydrated meals such as the Peak Refuel freeze-dried camping meals. Or you can make your personal.

Dehydrated meals

There are a lot of selections for pre-packed dehydrated meals, but unless you have a distinct factor that you are preparing for, such as a bug-out practice run, then you might want to study to dehydrate meals oneself. Although performing it oneself is a lot additional time consuming, as soon as you know how to do it, you can prepare a lot of meals more than a fairly quick time.

Your 1st step is to acquire a dehydrator. There are several selections on the market place. Having said that, I hugely recommend that you invest a tiny bit of income in a decent a single with stainless steel trays. Thank me for that later. The a single that we use is a lot like this a single: The Excalibur 2900 meals dehydrator.


DIY Dehydrated Meals

Now, I am going to presume that you have purchased that dehydrator, or you currently have a single. Initially of all, we are going to take a appear at some ideas for having dehydration correct. That is going to be important to obtaining dehydrated meals that you can shop for a extended time.

dehydrating food

  1. Temperature and timing. – As with cooking, there are unique temperature settings and time lengths that you want to use to dehydrate meals. In the package that I showed you above, it has all of the guidelines that you want with the kit. Not only that, but it also has a recipe book, as well.
  2. Guarantee the appropriate level of dehydration. – Once more, the identical with cooking, you want to make certain that the meals is “done” ahead of you take it out of the dehydrator. A excellent rule of thumb is to make certain that there is no squidgy-ness or that the meals is not sticky. Properly dehydrated meals becomes difficult and brittle at about 95% water removed. That is when the procedure is comprehensive.
  3. Do not rush the procedure. – It can take about fourteen hours to dehydrate meals correctly. And that is anticipated. Turning up the heat in a bid to speed up the procedure will only cook the outdoors, leaving the moisture in the middle of the meals. Then you will not have anyplace close to the shelf life that you want.
  4. Prepare the meals. – Yes, however, you nonetheless have to prepare it. Wash foods that want it, and put on gloves to cease oil from the skin having onto the meals. You do have to steam some vegetables ahead of you dehydrate them but usually perform to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Spraying some fruit with lemon juice will cease them from going brown although drying them.
  5. Preheat the dehydrator. – Once more, as with an oven, preheating the dehydrator will permit you to be additional effective in the procedure.
  6. Strategy your meals. – If you are cooking to shop meals, and that is what preppers do, then you will want to assume about what you are performing. A lot of foods take unique amounts of time to dehydrate and at unique temperatures. So be certain only to dehydrate the foods that call for the identical time and heat with each other.

Practice does make fantastic, and if you do not get it correct the 1st time, then hold attempting till you do. There is not a lot that can go incorrect dehydrating meals, so extended as you do not have the temperature as well higher. So, err on the side of caution, and set the temperature decrease and leave it for longer.

Make Your Own Dehydrated Meals In 6 Easy Steps 1

Storing Your Meals

Right after you have removed at least 95% of the water out of your meals, then it is time to assume about storage. The very best practice right here is to shop the meals separately in airtight containers with the oxygen absorbers that we talked about earlier. I recommend a single packet of the absorber per nine ounces of meals or so. Having said that, study the guidelines and adhere to them.

If you are organizing for bugging out meals, then you might want to mix up the meals into “ready meals” in Ziploc freezer bags. As soon as you have the meals in separate storage with oxygen absorbers, you will want to leave them in a dark, cool, and dry region. Do not freeze it as you will get ice crystals kind on it. Guarantee that you verify the stock each handful of days for a handful of weeks to make sure that the O2 absorber does not indicate that you have air leaks.

The meals will then final for a extended time.

Making use of Your Dehydrated Meals

Right after you have stored it for as extended as you want, you will want to consume it. A different excellent rule of thumb is to add warm water to the dehydrated meals at a 1:1 ratio and wait about four hours. Then you can use the meals as you ordinarily would. Adding 1:1 water will return the meals to its original state. Consequently, you will want to add additional water to it if you are going to be cooking it in water.


There is a lot of data about prepping, tools, bugging in and out, but a single of the key factors that you want to reside is meals. As we have stated in prior articles, meals must not be your key priority in occasions of a disaster. Having said that, you must undoubtedly assume about it ahead of that takes place. Dehydrating meals is a terrific way to shop meals and hold it for such occasions.

Obtaining true meals to consume in occasions of disaster will hold up morale and also permit you to remain healthier. So purchase a dehydrator and start out storing now.

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