The GCI Outside Freeform Zero Gravity Lounger: Overview


Zero gravity loungers have been about for a though now. They’re meant to distribute your weight evenly, guaranteeing maximum relaxation, and they’re productive. The completely reclined position reduces tension on your heart and increases blood circulation. Their style hasn’t changed at all more than the years, till now.

Zero gravity loungers have two positions: upright and completely reclined. In the upright position, your legs are nonetheless hanging down, and GCI Outside wanted to transform that. They introduced a third position that enables the user to elevate their legs and lock the chair. This is what sets the GCI Outside Freeform Zero Gravity Lounger apart from each and every other chair on the market place.

On the final 50 Campfires trip, I had the opportunity to test this chair out for 4 days in northern Minnesota, and I can say that it is a considerable improvement to the style. If you are hanging out about the campfire, a complete recline requires you out of the conversation. Yes, it is comfy, but absolutely everyone assumes that you are taking a nap (which would be fine, as well). Raising your legs and locking the chair introduces a new level of luxury, and you are nonetheless upright so you can chat with your fellow campers. I consider it is an addition that required to take place.

The GCI Outside Freeform Zero Gravity Lounger has a mesh back for breathability, a telephone and beverage holder, and an adjustable pillow. The chair weighs in at about 17 lbs and folds flat for simple transport. Soon after a handful of nights about the campfire, I can say that it is the most comfy camping chair I’ve ever tested. It is slightly a lot more bulky than other people, but hey – automobile camping is all about creature comforts. You will be glad that it created the trip with you.

Taking in a waterfall with back up, feet up!

Back up, feet down.

Complete recline.



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