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One particular of the exciting items about hiking and backpacking is finding lots of exercising, which implies you can justify a handful of added calories. If you are going on a extended or intense backpack trip, consuming adequate calories can basically be a challenge. Significant backpackers attempt to locate foods with 100 calories per ounce, which is not easy—especially if you want high-quality calories.

With that in thoughts, right here are some lunch alternatives that are calorie dense, quick to make, will not get crushed in your pack, and will not break the bank.

Get started with a tortilla. Based on size and brand, these can be anyplace from 90-120 calories each and every. Solution one particular is for peanut butter (100 calories per tablespoon) with M&ampM’s added. These tiny chocolate nuggets are about 3 calories each and every. Solution two utilizes Nutella (also 100 calories per tablespoon) with crispy bacon bits added. Bacon averages 43 calories per eight-ounce slice.

A third solution is worth mentioning, albeit not for backpacking. If you are car or truck camping, or raft camping and have a implies for maintaining items cold, feel about a Caesar chicken wrap. Pre-cooked strips of chicken are offered at any grocery retailer. Then add reduce romaine lettuce, shredded parmesan, dressing, and even some croutons. We like these wraps served cold on a hot evening when rafting, and we’ll bet you will like them as an quick to prep travel meal as properly. 


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