WTT – Blaser R8 Selous 300WM Barrel For AimPoints


Ok. I am in require of some AimPoint red dots. We require two of them. They need to be a T2, H2’s or Comp M5’s. The purpose getting we require to magnify them 6x so the dots require to operate zoomed in. So H1’s or T1’s will not operate. 

If you only have a single Aimpoint you want to trade? We can almost certainly operate it out by obtaining some a lot more trade bait in your pile. pastedGraphic.png 

What I have for trade is a functionally new Blaser R8 Selous Safari 300wm barrel. That signifies sights and a sling band. 

It has never ever been taken afield. 

By no means had slings mounted on it. 

Shot much less than 10 occasions. 

Has not had a scope mounted on it. 

Why am I trading? As some of you are conscious, we have been playing with the GRS chassis technique more than right here. And I have decided that I will be sticking with it. A such, this heavy weight safari barrel with sights does not match by way of the fore finish of the chassis. Also knocking the sights off and getting it threaded for a suppressor appears like a silly way to commit income. So as an alternative of generating it into a different project, we are seeking to move it. 

Why we pick out 300wm as an alternative of the other safari calibers? For us it is a lot more sensible for use in North America for hunting or target shooting. 

It has sat in 1 of our safes for some years and has just collected dust beyond the initial function test. Sights have not been zero’ed. 

Particular note. You will require a Safari / Match channel on your stock to mount this barrel. It is super uncomplicated to do and most Blaser dealers can do it. So that is no huge deal. For these asking yourself, this barrel weighs just beneath 4lbs. EuroOptic has them for $2405 at the moment. We do not require to get anyplace close to that but we can not take a $700 single RDS trade for this barrel either. 

Not seeking for money at this time as this is for an armory project. 

Attached are images of the barrel.





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