17 Outdoorsy Costume Concepts (That You May possibly Have in Your Closet)


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It is time to face the annual conundrum that all spirited patrons of the scare season face—choosing the proper costume for Halloween.

If you are something like us, you are possibly pondering about how to incorporate your enjoy for the outdoors into your costume, proper? For the stumped costume hunter, we’ve got you covered with these 17 outdoorsy costume concepts. Most are quick to make at property and quick on your wallet, particularly when you use your camping gear.

1. Lumberjack

Bearded guy dressed up in a lumberjack costume,

Celebrate the tough-operating outdoorsmen of the 19th century lumber market with a single of the most classic and well-known costume concepts. It is super quick to place collectively at property and might just be a component of your day-to-day fall wardrobe anyway. Grab a beanie, a thick flannel in your favourite colour scheme, some hardy blue jeans and a pair of operate boots. A plastic axe is often an added advantage to the appear.

two. Cheryl Strayed

Cheryl Strayed hiking along dusty road with large backpack.

Image from Wild

Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild, is not only a badass novelist and political activist, but a sturdy and independent outdoorswoman who completed 1,100 miles of the PCT in 1995 immediately after a plethora of adversity.

When Strayed started her journey, she was nevertheless understanding about backpacking and brought a number of books with her, which she swiftly discovered was a massive no-no in backpacking. She also accidentally kicked a single boot off of a cliff through her journey. She has a horse tattoo on her arm as nicely. These information will aid your close friends, and Strayed fans, recognize you quickly.

The costume must be very simple: hiking attire (preferably higher waisted shorts and an oversized cotton t-shirt to sport the 90’s appear) an more than-packed backpack with books hanging off the side, just a single boot and a horse tattoo on your arm.

three. John Muir

John Muir, also identified as the “Father of National Parks” and whose namesake trail is popular amongst backpackers, was an early advocate for the protection of U.S. wilderness locations and co-founded the Sierra Club. John Muir has an identifiable, turn of the 20th century appear: a beard, outback hat, a button up shirt with a blazer and dress pants. Add a walking stick for great measure. To be much more identifiable, carry a sign that has a single of his popular quotes and label it as your words, e.g..: “The mountains are calling and I will have to go. — Me”.

four. Park Ranger

Park ranger overlooking a valley.

A park ranger is an clear outdoorsy costume concept, but there are tons of exciting modifications you can make to this costume to make it comical or match the colloquialisms of your property state. Commence with a wide-brimmed brown hat, a green shirt, green shorts and hiking boots. Do not overlook the badge and national park patches.

The variations on this halloween costume are endless attempt getting a zombie park ranger if you are into gory costumes, or be a Floridian Park Ranger with flip flops, sunglasses, and visible tanlines.

five. Sassy Sasquatch

Person wearing sasquatch costume in the forest.

Who desires to be a meek Sasquatch when you could be a sassy Sassquatch? Put on a standard sasquatch costume, but carry a sign about your neck with a sassy phrase like “I like my coffee how I like myself: dark, bitter, and also hot for you”, or possibly one thing slightly much less cringe-worthy with all the sass in tact.

six. A Tree

This Halloween costume is great for each adults and kids and can be place collectively in beneath an hour. Put on brown pants and a green sweater. Then, reduce dark and light green leaves out of felt and pin them to your sweater. Add a hat with felt apples or birds for flair.

7. Smokey The Bear

Girl in DIY smokey the bear costume with fur vest shovel.

Image from Themerrythoguht.com

Only you can avoid a terrible costume—this is a fairly quick outdoorsy costume concept to make at property, and an iconic a single at that. You can opt for a complete bear costume, but for a DIY and much more spending budget-friendly method, put on a brown sweater and jeans, paint your face with a bear nose, and best it off with an outback hat with ‘Smokey’ in felt letters.

eight. Vintage Backpacker

Backpacking is presently in vogue immediately after books like Wild and A Stroll in the Woods have place walking hundreds of miles with a massive backpack in tow into the prevalent culture. Prior to the higher-tech gear of the present age, the backpacking appear was undeniably frumpy. Spend homage to passé backpacking style by raiding an outdoorsy loved ones member’s basement who may well have vintage gear. Put on a metal framed backpack, some worn out hiking boots, a lot of cotton, a bandana and carry a hiking stick.

9. Gear Junkie and Know-It-All

Ice climber with tons of trad gear, quick draws, and ice axes on their harness.

In the opposite vein of a vintage backpacker, attempt getting the most obnoxious, gear head at the celebration. Clean off the dirt from your final trip, and put on your nicest pieces outside apparel. Throw some fake cost tags on a handful of clothes products with outrageous costs. Celebration conversation can consist of bragging about your pack’s base-weight getting beneath 10 pounds and how you are a triple crowner.

10. Woodland Creature

Female wearing horns and a lace dress in the forest.

What superior way to celebrate the outdoors than to dress as a single of the furry creatures who devote all of their time outdoors. Is not that the dream? There’s no shame in dressing as an endearing fox, owl, rabbit, deer or even a snail. Any of these costume concepts can be super quick to make at property with a small face paint and you can even make your personal animal tail.

11. The Seasons

This is the best Halloween costume concept for oneself and 3 other close friends. It is self explanatory: every pal in the group will be a single of the 4 seasons. Spring will put on green garments covered in flowers, summer time dresses in a yellow outfit covered with green leaves, fall must put on autumnal colors and sport some fall foliage, though winter must put on white garments, adorned with hand-reduce snowflakes. Put on sashes across your chests that list every season, to get rid of any ambiguity. There is a lot of space for creativity right here.

12. 80’s Skier

Skier dressed up in 80's clothing.

Image from AdventureJay.com

Embrace 1980s nostalgia with a vibrant jumpsuit or a pastel jacket and pants for this halloween costume concept. The ski gear of the 80s was infamously hideous, but must be celebrated for its iconic style nonetheless. If you come about to reside someplace exactly where October tends to be dipping into colder climate, this costume will aid you beat the nighttime chill—if you are in the warmer climates of the U.S. you may well want to look at modifications that make the costume much more comfy.

Dressing up the loved ones as s’mores shows a enjoy for the outdoors, and is a single of the easiest costume concepts to place collectively. If you have a loved ones of 4, the parents can be graham crackers, a single kid can be a marshmallow, though the other is the chocolate.

You can make the graham crackers with foam, covered with tan felt, adding brown ribbon for perforation, and brass fasteners painted brown for the “holes” of the graham cracker. Make the chocolate bar out of a brown pillow case with duct tape letters spelling ‘Hershey’. The marshmallow can be produced from quilt batting wrapped about garments and covered in white fabric to retain the shape.

Women with plant crown holding a cat and flowers.

Image from Allthereaugust.com

This costume concept is up to interpretation and can be carried out in any way you please. An sophisticated method is to put on a white dress and produce a wreath of leaves, wood and flowers for the best of your head—but really feel free of charge to take this costume to the outdoorsy maximum, with all sorts of fall foliage and organic decorations.

We’ve all encountered a GreenPeace volunteer on the city streets at some point. They make their voices heard about climate alter, deforestation, ocean pollution and meals provide. Unplanned interactions with these volunteers, even so, can be a small awkward and a bit comical. Nevertheless, you have to give them credit for placing themselves out there. Channel the zeal and enjoy of the outdoors by dressing as a GreenPeace Volunteer with a homemade GreenPeace shirt and a clipboard to gather these petition signatures.

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