7 strategies to travel sustainably with our dog


Have you believed about how your ownership of a dog can influence on the atmosphere? No matter whether you are spending good quality time at property or you are travelling, you really should re-evaluate your habits and adopt sustainable living. Purchasing dog meals, like the best grain free of charge dry dog meals, it is worth thinking about foods that are processed and packaged in an eco-friendly way. There are other techniques to reside and travel sustainably with your dog.

1 Sustainable poop bags 

Dogs can make up to ¾lbs of poop each day. If not adequately disposed of, the poo is each unsightly and hazardous. It can impact the atmosphere if it drains into water sources, spreading viruses and bacteria. And if touched or eaten by young children it will lead to illness. It is essential to choose up poo but you really should also consider about obtaining “green” poop bags or making use of washable bags.

Make confident you get biodegradable or compostable pet waste bags.  These break down significantly more rapidly than regular dog poo bags or supermarket bags.  Look for bags that are naturally scented and made from non-GMO crops like tapioca and corn.  Many brands are sold at pet shops and on-line.

two. Greener dog foods

Making meat for each people today and pets consumes big amounts of land, water and sources, and beef production is the most polluting and environmentally-draining, followed by lamb. The UN states that livestock production is accountable for nearly 20% of all CO2 emissions worldwide.

Rather of picking out beef-primarily based dog meals or wet meals, switch to a meals that is principal protein is one thing with a smaller sized carbon footprint, such as chicken, turkey, sheep or sustainably-harvested fish.

It is the similar for treats. Appear for grain, cereal or fish-primarily based treats alternatively of these that are created of beef.

Also take the meals dish and water bowl from property so you do not need to have to get new ones.

three. Reuse and lower the use of plastics

When travelling with your dog, you are extra probably to carry meals and toys. You really should lower the use of plastics if you want to have a “greener” life. If attainable, reuse what you currently have for packaging and carrying your travel essentials. Treats and meals can be carried in old supermarket bags or in lengthy life bags and plastic pots you currently personal. If you need to have to get new, decide on stainless steel meals bowls rather than plastic.

four. Greener dog toys

Dogs enjoy to play when going out for a stroll, travelling to a beach holiday and other fascinating destinations such as dog parks. Let them choose up their personal sticks for entertainment or if you need to have one thing to throw, decide on an old tennis ball.

There is no need to have to buy new toys for the travelling, but if you really feel the need to have attempt to uncover eco-friendly versions. Appear for toys and items created from organic and sustainable components, such as organic cotton, bamboo and hemp.

five. Go green with your dogs essentials

When travelling with your dog, you need to have to have a leash, harness
and a collar. These are essential for the reason that dogs can get excited and start out operating
about. Some can even get lost though playing, specially if you are nonetheless
education it. In this case, you need to have to get a collar, harness and leash created of
green components. They support you to market environmentally friendly manufactures
and to travel sustainably. 

six. Book greener travel

There are a lot of techniques to travel extra sustainably even when you have a dog with you. Appear for accommodation, resorts and destinations that present extra sustainable selections. You could decide on to travel extra locally and for that reason use much less environmentally damaging fuels.

Also consider about taking component in greener activities with you dog, such as walking hills, taking a stroll on the beach or heading to a nearby woodlands.


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