In this episode, we’re going to deconstruct the infamous emergency data packet. And our guest, Justin Carol, is going to translate geek to basic for us to make this uncomplicated for even the most technologically inept amongst us. Soon after this episode, even my mom who nonetheless can not figure out e-mail attachments would be a wizard at preparing and backing up her most sensitive documents.

Details Packet Subjects Discussed:

  • Why is it critical to make backups of critical documents?
  • What data really should preppers, and everybody, backup?
  • What choices are offered for neighborhood backups, and how do you handle these?
  • What are finest practices for guarding/encrypting the data you have backed up?
  • Are cloud backup options, like Dropbox, a protected way to retailer critical files?
  • Are there methods to make cloud backups much more safe?
  • How do you maintain up with refreshing the data in your backups?

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