Elk, Buck Deer Stories Are Doozies


Industrial APPEAL.COM From the Archives –  As hunting stories go, these two are doozies. Bill Jones of Bartlett felt like it was fourth and two with the clock operating down as he nervously looked by means of the scope on his rifle at a bull elk grazing pretty much 300 yards away. It was the final day of his 5-day hunt with 90 minutes left just before shooting ended. Joe Szabo of Crawfordsville, Arkansas, had expended all 4 shells in his customized shotgun, realizing that he had hit the deer-of-a-lifetime at least when, perhaps much more. But, as darkness set in, and right after kicking and splashing by means of a waist-higher Eastern Arkansas slough, he could not find the animal. Prior to we inform their stories let the record show each had content endings.  [full article]


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