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So with the new chassis and suppressor, it is time to fine tune the zero. Particularly thinking of I have switched ammo. Normally I was shooting PPU 243. But I had heard some very good issues about the Federal 100g soft-points, I we decided to give them a attempt. 

The very good news is it is actually ammo I can locate virtually anyplace. At least about right here. 

Though these groups are not manna from Heaven, they show guarantee. String two definitely is the inform. Now I just will need to get utilized to the new chassis and perhaps locate a bipod that sits above the barrel line. 

  • Rifle: Blaser R8.
  • Chassis: GRS Ragnarok.
  • Caliber: 243.
  • Suppressor: Silencerco Harvester 300. 
  • Sincerely, 




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