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  1. Produced a small fire with my fire piston.


  2. Extra on fire pistons, see –
    What is a fire piston and how do you use it


  3. Charcoal from a burned out fire performs properly in the pistons as properly. A small tougher to get the ember. If you want to send the leading launching like a rocket place a couple of drops of gas or lighter fluid on yer cloth :)


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  4. Type of OT but have you ever wondered how primitive people today invented what is seriously incredibly sophisticated tool like the fire piston? It is a substantial advancement more than flint and iron or fire bows. LOL and likely simpler to light on some days than my zippos. The whole idea of sealed compression = combustion just does not appear like some thing a incredibly primitive culture would stumble across.


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    Wiki is not often appropriate, but they say it came out of SEA.
    Fire piston – Wikipedia


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  6. It did originate in South East Asia sometime prior to 1500BC. An awesome tech advancement provided the general technologies of the time.


  7. All the time.


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