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Day hike in New Mexico’s Gila Forest.
Walking with a camera.

Just some uncomplicated nature sights that caught my eye.
We do have a couple of Fall colors regardless of the predominant desert &amp conifer vegetation.

Tadpole Ridge Trail is a CDT ( Continental Divide Trail ) alternate route.


Gamble Oak is a single of numerous oak species we have right here.


Standing remains of an old ground fire.
We have controlled burns out right here.


The CDT trail is the middle a single of the American Triple Crown (PCT &amp AT getting the other two)


Lots of fatwood on that downed Ponderosa.


Trail crews left behind some intriguing sculptures.


Proud Ponderosa. This young a single caught my eye.


The trail went down to a mainly dry creek bed.
That is regional Blue Granite in the foreground.


Poison Ivy turns red, appears excellent at a protected distance.


Homeward trail.


Thanks for seeking !



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