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With the rising cost of new homes and increasing awareness to build environmentally friendly homes, one startup is tapping into the power of prefabrication of self-sustainable smart homes that can be delivered anywhere with everything you need—from built-in furniture to Internet connectivity and complimentary wine glasses.

Haus is a Reno, Nevada tech startup that is building autonomous intelligent house. Haus is reinventing the next generation of homes. Its modern house combines autonomous and off-the-grid capabilities, fast and solidly built technology using 3D-printing, and the ability to make its own decisions with AI Smart HomeOS system. What’s makes Haus homes unique is they can be manufactured in just weeks and delivered next day. Unlike traditional homes, Haus homes’ energy efficiency design is better than 2030 US requirements.

Combining 3D printing, connected smart home technology, and SpaceX worthy construction principles, Haus has designed new home models that offer zero carbon emissions, can run completely off the grid with their own power, water and septic, are designed to last 10x longer than traditional construction, and maintain a 99% virus and bacteria free living space. is averagely priced and does not come cheap. The starting price is $199,999 for the grid-connected base model, which can be customized to include off-grid technologies and other add-ons and finishes. For example, the off-the-grid 800 sq.ft. manufactured house shown below can be delivered next day from the stock no hook-ups, zero onsite construction. It is fully assembled and equipped at the factory and delivered ready-to-go.



Founded and launched three years ago by Julia Gerbut and Max Gerbut,  Haus’ 3D prefab are energy-efficient, self-sustainable, and intelligent houses that perfectly work in any climate. The homes are completely off-the-grid capable and could set a whole new standard for what we demand in a house. The company launches manufacturing facilities in the US and Europe and processes orders all over the world.

Haus team has been named top tech talent by the Financial Times and Google. Having recently opened a new assembly center in Reno, NV, Haus just began shipping its first units to Nevada, California and Arizona. According to their new website, three different models can be reserved starting from $1,163 /mo payments.

One of their advisors, Laura Wagner, who recently raised millions of dollars for her payments startup, including from Shark Tank investor Kevin Harrington, says, “With all the billions of dollars being pledged to fix housing in America, this team seems to be the one with the best combination of engineering and execution ability to take us into the future.”

“This is a nice house. It is very modern. It looks like Apple and Tesla designed it,” NASA Astronaut Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper said, visiting the first house delivered to the customer.

Haus is raising fundraising support over the next few weeks. Anyone interested in investing in Haus, can also check them out at

Below is a video overview of Haus.


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