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Right now we take a appear at the Heckler &amp Koch Grenade Machine Gun (GMG – GranatMaschinenGewehr), as it plays a most important portion in a reside fire workout in Latvia with many nations.

The action is recoil-operated, inertia bolt, and the GMG fires from the open bolt.

The grenade feed mechanism is by means of belt, either from the left or the appropriate side.

Increasingly, armed forces worldwide demand a universal fire help program. In the previous, armies have depended on heavy machine guns or add-on grenade launchers, but neither is an best resolution. With typical little arms, helpful aimed shots come to be significantly less most likely as the variety increases. In addition, traditional rifle ammunition supplies no fragmentation impact, and is largely ineffective against armoured automobiles. Add-on grenade launchers, on the other hand, have the disadvantage of a somewhat low price of fire.

In order to close this effectiveness gap in infantry weapons, Heckler &amp Koch has created a extended-variety grenade machine gun with a massive indirect location of impact – the GMG in calibre 40 mm x 53 (higher velocity).

Thanks to its higher price of fire, combined with the fragmentation and anti-armour impact of the 40 mm rounds, the GMG combines the positive aspects of machine guns and grenade launchers. What is extra, it supplies higher operational flexibility. It can be made use of either on a tripod as an infantry weapon for engaging ground targets, or installed on a mount for use on land automobiles or patrol boats. Integrated security attributes and nicely believed-out mechanical components make the GMG what it is: a single of the most technologically sophisticated grenade machine guns in the planet.

Supply: H&ampK

GMG E – CAL. 40 MM X 53

Image: Heckler &amp Koch

All photographs: NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia.

If you want to see extra of this fantastic machine, you require to take a appear at the Norwegian Naval Particular Operation Commando who place the 40 mm GMG on a boat!




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