Huge Media Pushing Virginia Gun Handle Package


I doubt the truth the gun ban sector place up $50 million to elect rabidly anti-gun Gubernatorial Candidate Ralph Northam, and flip the Legislatgure to gu a gun ban convention. Nor is it a secret that the sector has place up $40 million for marketing in close races. And now the ban industry’s complicit media is pushing gun ban candidagtes for every little thing they are worth.

It is OK to like to pollsters all you like. No one’s reputation will be harmed if you inform a ban group’s pollsters . because that does not involve bearing false witness. Rather, misleading a pollster is rather like that carp Sweeny claims they pulled out of his two acre pond that was so significant it measured seven ace handles involving the eyes.

Just be confident to vote, and vote against the gun banners, the dudes with a [D’ or [I] just after their names.


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