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The Patriot Ledger notes that as billionaires invest hundreds of millions acquiring complete legislatures, rising numbers of Americans are acquiring Concealed Carry Weapons permits. https://www.patriotledger.com/news/20191018/as-debate-more than-gun-handle-wears-on-far more-and-far more-south-shore-residents-are-acquiring-licensed

Numerous Americans get a CCW with the believed that registering a gun, as they place it, will permit them to evade the Democrats gun confiscation schemes. No such luck, of course, A law telling officers to steal your firearms and jail you supercedes a permit to carry a bammed wea[pm.

But today, October 18, 2019, at least 40 million law abiding Americans either have a LIcense to Carry or live in a State that allows carry without a permit.

What happens when citizens no longer something you need a permit to carry? Crime rates start edging down. Arizona went Constitutional Carry 9 years ago, very late in 2010. And despite being on the most popular smuggling rounte for drugs, trafficked children, and other contraband, along with a population that is extremely reluctant to give the criminals among them away, and a major, major gun control campaign, pushing crime rates bck up, crime is down. And you can look at this set of numbers from the FBI and see how much crime is down. http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/azcrime.htm

Or you can check out this chart, which shows Arizona’s crime rates going down as states that does not trust law abiding citizens to stay law abiding have risen sharplyl

And why don’t we have Constitutional Carry keeping us Safe everywhere? A combination of billionaires who seem afraid their misdeeds will catch up with them, along with some career lawmakers who believe their actions should have made the people hate them so they think they have targets on their forehads keep passing restrictive gun laws that, without fail, have resulted in far more crime and violence.

And if we are to gain more than very slow progress to a nearly crime free society – the kind we had before gun control – our first job will be to hand the bureaucrats who support gun control their walking papers.


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