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October 18th, 2019

Out-of-Handle Gun Lust — “I Could Have to have an Intervention!”

Hoarding AccurateShooter Forum AR

Forum member Kevin (aka “N10Sivern”), revealed he requires some enable with a compulsion — a compulsion to retain obtaining additional and additional guns and ammo. Especially ARs, all shapes and sizes of ARs. Way as well numerous ARs. You could say he has an ARdiction….

In a Forum Thread, Kevin posted: “I might need to have an intervention. Attempting to clean my workplace and pulled this stuff out. I’m missing an AR10 reduced someplace and an AR15 upper. I’ll discover them ahead of the day is performed. I have a major box complete of components as properly, and four barrels nonetheless in the cardboard tubes. Sigh. This is gonna be a lot of Cerakoting for me.”

One more Forum member mentioned: “For the enjoy of God, man. Delete this thread lest you be accused of hoarding!”

Kevin replied: “I guess I am hoarding a tiny. But it is excellent hoarding appropriate?”

And then he posted this “Mail Call” photo:

Hoarding AccurateShooter Forum AR

Kevin’s caption: “It only gets worse. Mail Get in touch with these days: 20″ .308 Ballistics Benefit barrel, 26″ Savage 25-06 barrel, 700 pieces of .38 particular, 300 pieces of .357 magnum, 500 pieces .308 Win, gas tube, Hornady Modified Case Gauge. I have additional crap on the way as well.”

Forum Member’s Chime In…
Kevin’s “Need Intervention” post drew a lot of comments from other Forum Members:

“God! It is so refreshing to see that my illness is widespread with tiny hope (or wish) for a remedy. I smiled reading every post.” — Gary0529

“You know you have a trouble when you open a drawer and discover elements you forgot you purchased.” — JoshB

“It’s not hoarding if you intend to use it. Says he who has 12,000 primers.” — Uthink

“I guess I’ll go ahead and volunteer to enable you with your naturally significantly necessary intervention… send me the pictured products and then you will no longer have to deal with these nasty temptations. Just believe about it, you will have much less clutter in your workplace plus you will not have to fret more than the need to have for any cerakoting either. I’m just a single human getting volunteering to enable out a different fellow human getting who requires enable!” — PikesPG

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