October 19th, 2019

Smarter Glassing for Hunters — Utilizing Binoculars with a Tripod

Vortex Binoculars

With hunting season in complete swing, we know that numerous readers will be out in the field — with a set of binoculars. On most game hunts, you will speed a lot far more time glassing with binocs than seeking by means of your riflescope. With wide field of view and extended low-light capability, a great set of binoculars will be your most essential game-finder. And with premium LRF binoculars, such as the new Vortex Fury, 1 tool serves each for spotting and laser ranging.

“Without the stabilization of your binoculars [provided by] a tripod … you will be missing a majority of the game you are glassing for.” — Outdoorsmans.com

In this post, Vortex Optics’ Mark Boardman, an seasoned hunter, explains the rewards of utilizing a tripod with higher-magnification binoculars. Everyone knows that potent spotting scopes function ideal when mounted to a steady tripod or otherwise secured to a steady mount. However when most people use binoculars, they never ever even believe of utilizing a tripod, in spite of the reality that tripod adapters are offered for numerous premium binoculars.

Vortex Binoculars

Vortex BinocularsOutdoorsmans Tripod Adapters
Outdoorsmans.com sells tripod adapters for many types of binoculars. These truly function: “Mounting your binoculars to a high quality tripod is a need to for the severe western hunter. Without the need of the stabilization of your binoculars [by] mounting them to a tripod … you will be missing a majority of the game you are glassing for.”

A severe hunter need to find out how to glass with tripod assistance, utilizing strategies outlined right here. With binoculars supplying far more that 8X magnification, you can truly advantage from a steady mount. You will be amazed at the distinction the tripod will make.

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