Survival Frog 2019 Buyer’s Guide


It is that time of year once again! Exactly where we appear at the final 12 months and highlight the greatest survival and outside gear obtainable. We pull the information on the major promoting merchandise of the year as properly as these with the greatest five-star critiques. Getting one particular of the major promoting internet websites of survival/outside gear we’re in a position to see a lot of the trends ahead of the industry has picked up on them. And yes, all the things on the list is “staff approved” which means we at Survival Frog get to take them house and play with the gear listed right here ahead of we add it to our annual buyer’s guide. So here’s the 2019 list…

Challenging Tesla Lighter – Outside, Waterproof Dual Arc Plasma Lighter

This lighter is difficult! The new style replaces the preceding metal version which was a major seller in 2018.

  • Double Arc Electric Lighter
  • Windproof, waterproof, all the things proof
  • No flames, no smoke, no fuel
  • Plus para-tinder lanyard, rescue whistle &amp flashlight

QuickHeat Rechargeable Hand Warmer with Transportable Energy Bank

Keeps your hands toasty and telephone charged. Top rated seller in 2018 and 2019, it is the most requested solution for the holidays.

  • Heats up to 104-140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Charger for your smaller USB electronic devices (telephone, and so on)
  •  Lasts two-six hours, and is rechargeable

QuadraPro Solar Energy Bank with Wireless &amp Dual USB Charging

Preserve your telephone charged wherever you are! Redesigned in 2019 to be even far better.

  • Charges speedy with solar, or USB energy outlet
  • Charge three cell phones at after, contains wireless charging
  • Water-resistant and constructed-in flashlight
  • Constructed-in loops and magnets for uncomplicated hanging in the sun

Tact Bivvy® two. Emergency Sleeping Bag w/ HeatEcho®  Technology, Paratinder Drawstring, &amp Whistle

The major promoting emergency sleeping bag. Redesigned in 2019 with all new capabilities.

  • Now contains paratinder, whistle and carabiner
  • Waterproof, windproof, tear-resistant
  • Reflects 90% of your body’s heat back to you
  • Reusable and now comes in bigger stuff sack

Pocket Jumper Pro Vehicle &amp Truck Jump Starter

In no way be stranded with a dead battery and under no circumstances have to ask a stranger for aid.

  • Can jump start off 20 vehicles on 1 charge
  • Contains jumper cables and zip-up storage case
  • Charger for USB devices (cell telephone, and so on)
  • Redesigned in 2019, now potent sufficient to jump diesel and trucks

EasyPower Solar Energy Bank two. – six,500 mAh Battery Capacity with Dual USB Charging Ports

The charger that keeps batteries complete wherever there is sun! New two. edition!

  • Functions with any device that has USB port
  • two output jacks to charge two devices at after
  • No-slip, water resistant &amp shock proof

Crash Escape six-in-1 Emergency Vehicle Tool – USB Charger, Seat Belt Cutter, Window Breaker, Dual Flashlight &amp Energy Bank

The tool every single auto requirements, so every single driver is ready.

  • Seat belt cutter, window breaker to escape right after accident
  • Transportable energy supply for your cell telephone
  • Plus a flashlight so you are prepared for something

EasyPower&#x2122 USB Rechargeable AA Batteries with four-Port Charger

Sturdy and extended-lasting AA rechargeable batteries.

  • Charges anyplace there is a USB port
  • Provides more than 500 charges

Pocket Light Collapsible Solar Lantern Rechargeable LED Light, Transportable Energy Bank with USB Charging Port

10 hours of light and can match in your pocket. Our collapsible lantern is ideal for casual camping and signaling for aid.

  • Recharge with sun
  • Settings for camp light and emergencies
  • Use as a charger for USB devices

Lifestraw Individual Water Filter

Cleans dirty water in your instances of have to have!

  • Goes from dirty to clean water in seconds
  • Filters up to 1000 gallons of water
  • Sturdy, lightweight and compact
  • Chemical &amp Battery cost-free

COMING Quickly:  Zombinator Hatchet – All Goal Survival Tool

This hatchet is replacing a equivalent major promoting hatchet – but of course this one particular is way far better!

  • Grooved grip &amp lightweight for uncomplicated use
  • A potent pickaxe for difficult components
  • Straightforward to sharpen when dull

Pocket Stove Folding Camping Stove with Hex Fuel Tablets

Uncomplicated and lightweight (three.eight oz!) for the easiest and greatest cooking knowledge!

  • Smaller and compact
  • Self-contained – fuel tablets match in stove – for uncomplicated packing
  • Smoke-cost-free &amp super sturdy

Ultimate Access Lock Choose Set + Free of charge Ebook

You will under no circumstances have to have a locksmith once again!

  • Higher good quality picks that can open almost any lock you will encounter
  • 12 diverse picks, three tension wrenches, 1 see-by means of padlock &amp a leather pouch incorporated
  • Lightweight, compact, difficult &amp sturdy
  • Free of charge Ebook download incorporated!

Important Tact Machete Knife with Complete Tang Blade

No matter whether you are facing dense brush or surprise predators, you will be glad to have this 15” inch blade for protection.

  • Razor-sharp steel
  • Corrosion resistant &amp stealthy
  • Non-slip manage &amp lightweight

BioLite Solar House 620 Kit

Get a higher-finish solar energy method for your house with out the higher value tag. Uncomplicated &amp sustainable.

  • three lights, plus safety light
  • Radio, speaker and USB device charger
  • Straightforward house or shed installation
  • Waterproof &amp sturdy

The Digger Folding Shovel with Choose

Gardening, camping or digging out of a danger? Our new folding shovel can do it all.

  • Saw edge and choose to get by means of the toughest components
  • Foldable and lightweight for uncomplicated packing
  • Choose attached and bag incorporated

HydroStop Lightweight Dry Bag

Lightweight dry bags that will retain your gear protected and all water out. Just roll down the major and lock the buckle.

  • Gear stays dry even though entirely submerged in water
  • Medium size has 20 liters of space &amp massive has 40 liters
  • Ultra-lightweight, folds up smaller, &amp sturdy

Aura Plus Digital Evening Vision Monocular

Hands down, the greatest low-expense evening vision on the industry!

  • Take photos and video
  • Fantastic for camping, house surveillance &amp blackouts
  • Sleek style &amp smaller sufficient to match in the palm of your hand

Tesla Pick Lighter Dual Arc Windproof USB Rechargeable Plasma Lighter

The Tesla Pick Lighter is easy and sophisticated. Very easily start off a fire wherever and anytime you have to have one particular.

  • Dual arc of electrical energy
  • Great for camping, cooking and emergencies
  • Water resistant &amp windproof

BioLite Campstove two with Flex Light

Charge your cell telephone with fire!

  • Turns heat into electrical energy to charge your devices
  • Powered by all-natural fuel (twigs, sticks and wood)
  • Battery detaches to use as transportable backup battery
  • Boils water in below five minutes



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