Calhoun from Fayetteville, NC sends his “LOVE covers all” submission to us for today’s Daily Carry Pocket Dump of the Day.

If you are like me, you are considering, “that’s a lot of add-ons for a defensive handgun.”  Properly that and “where’s the holster, mate?”

The gun, a Canik TP9SF Elite Combat 9mm is no doubt a good gun.  Then he throws on a 1500 lumen Olight Valkyrie weapon light (can you spell overkill?) and a UTG reflex microdot.  Is any person else old sufficient to try to remember when UTG began out (or so it seemed) as a airsoft gear corporation?  They’ve undoubtedly enhanced their reputation for good quality in current years.   Initially, effectively, let’s just say it was airsoft stuff.

Calhoun also wears a watch and carries a WESN Allman folder knife.  In contrast to lots of, he shares his preferred self-defense load in Speer Gold Dot 9mm JHP.

His added comment:

“…he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and obtain a single.” -Luke 22:36

Amen, brother.

No doubt this is a reasonably afford.