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October 20th, 2019

Sunday Gunday: AR-Platform Rifles for PRS Gas Gun Series

AR15 AR-15 Gas Gun Series

ARs in PRS? Yes PRS has a “Gas Gun” division. And frankly, shooting a PRS match is one particular of the most enjoyable and difficult issues you can do with your Black Rifle (Beto O’Rourke notwithstanding). Because the early days of the PRS, Gas Gun shooters have wanted to play. Recognizing the interest amongst semi-auto shooters, the PRS now delivers a Gas Gun Series for semi-auto rifles such as AR15s and AR10s. The Gas Gun Series began in 2017, and has promptly turn into really common.

Sean Murphy Gas Gun
Photo Credit Michael Cage.

Gas Guns to 800 yards — Yes there are targets down there someplace.
PRS Gas Gun Nightforce Optics CORE Florida AR15 AR Jeff Cramblit Facebook photo

PRS Gas Gun Series Guidelines

For the new PRS “Gasser” Competitors, the PRS created guidelines on gun kinds, scoring, match timing, penalties, security and other crucial subjects. CLICK Right here for Complete PRS Gas Gun Series Guidelines.

Open Division: Open Division rifles will not exceed a caliber of .30 or a velocity of three,200fps. A match DQ will outcome any rounds more than the speed limit of three,200 fps (+/- 32 fps for environmental elements and gear discrepancies). Match Officials might request at any point for the duration of a match that a competitor fire their rifle via chronograph. If the bullet exceeds the three,200 fps speed limit, the shooter will acquire an automatic match DQ. [“For Ammo in Open Class, 6mm and 6.5mm Creedmoor are popular.” — John Parker, SSUSA]

Tactical Division: Tactical Division: Intended to enable competitors the chance tocompete applying classic military and law enforcement caliber. This promotesActive Duty military and law enforcement competitors use of their Service and Division issued rifles. Tactical Light Division rifles are restricted to five.56 NATO/.223 Remington and 7.62 NATO/.308 Winchester calibers only. .223 Bullet weight can not exceed 77 grains and muzzle velocity can not exceed three,000 fps, .308 bullet weight can not exceed 178 grains and muzzle velocity can not exceed two,800 fps. No modified wildcat rounds permitted to shoot in the Tactical Divisions. Tactical Division shooters will shoot the precise identical COF as Open Division shooters. [NOTE: This division now replaces the previous Tactical Light and Tactical Heavy divisions.]

Scoring and Penalties
The Gas Gun Series utilizes a time plus penalty primarily based scoring technique for all match scoring. This implies your score is your total combined time on all stages plus any penalties you might have accrued.

Stage Course of Fire and Targets
No extra than 50% of the stages at a match can make use of an limitless round count. At least 25% of the targets in Gas Gun Series match should be two MOA or smaller sized. Maximum distance is 800 yards.

The preferred rifle colour selection at the very first PRS “Gasser” Match was absolutely black…
PRS Gas Gun

Gas Gun Match Loads — Brief Variety vs. Lengthy Variety
“The .223/five.56 [Tactical Light] guns had some lag time waiting on shot impacts. I think the lengthy-term answer might be to obtain a light and rapidly load for closer stages for close to-immediate reaction time and use a heavy load for the lengthy shots to see splash and get the target to move a small extra.” — Sean Murphy, Nightforce

Gear Selections for PRS Gas Guns
There are quite a few buttstock choices for ARs. For the PRS game, we like the Magpul PRS stock. This attributes a swift-adjustable cheek-piece and butt-plate — enabling you to conveniently adapt head position and LOP for your discipline of the day. (You might want a distinctive LOP for prone shooting vs. bench shooting). The Magpul stock functions effectively in a rear bag.

Colt AR AR15 match rifle upper lower kit discount CDNN

We suggest a thing like the Blackhawk grip which is extra comfy than the standard grips supplied by most black rifle makers. Up front, you will want a handguard with adaptability. Shown is a handguard with Picatinny rails on prime and on each sides, affording lots of choices. We may possibly move one particular of the rails to the bottom, nevertheless, so it could be made use of for a bipod mount.

Add Your Preferred Premium Barrel:

Colt AR AR15 match rifle upper lower kit discount CDNN

PRS with a Gas Gun — Gavin Gear’s Encounter

Pondering of attempting out the Precision Rifle Series, beginning off with a gas gun? Effectively Gavin Gear of did just that, competing in his very first-ever PRS match up in Washington State. With its timed stages (some just 90 seconds lengthy), Gavin discovered that PRS is about speed as effectively as accuracy. As a PRS newbie, Gavin identified the competitors enjoyable but difficult. Gavin’s account of his experiences, set forth in two articles with accompanying videos, will assist other novice PRS competitors prepare for PRS-kind matches and assemble the proper gear.

This video has cool Aerial Drone footage, and in-depth explanation of stages:

Gavin enjoyed his very first match: “Overall, the match was extra enjoyable and extra laid back than I believed it would be. The guys in our squad had been all actually valuable, and even loaned me gear to attempt out when they noticed my gear wasn’t proper for a certain shooting activity. 1 such case was when Ken Gustafson (of KYL Gear) provided to loan me one particular of the bags he had created. Beneath you can see me shooting off the infamous unstable tippy tank trap with a KYL Gear bag, and I’ll have to say [the bag] was incredible. It helped me lock down my rifle and get on target. What a fantastic feeling!”

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