Backpackers: This Is the Only Coffee Mug You Want


The GSI Outdoors Infinity Backpacking Mug is low cost, productive, and light. I’ve been abusing a single for various years, and it just keeps on functioning as the ideal coffee mug for hikers and backpackers.

OK, so coffee mugs are not precisely higher-tech gear. You will not die if a single fails. Or will you? Some of us definitely like our coffee in the morning.


But when backpacking, weight is a major concern. A lot of men and women skimp on bowls, plates, and utensils. I surely do. But there’s a single container that goes on each hike with me: the GSI Outdoors Infinity Backpacking Mug.

Very first off, it weighs just three.five ounces. While yes, that is some weight, it is worth each gram. Second, this is a heck of a worth, costing just $10. And third, it holds 17.five ounces of fluid (adequate to use as a bowl in a pinch).

Most effective Light Coffee Mug for Campers: GSI Infinity

When there are tons of wonderful mugs for daily use from brands like Stanley and YETI, these double-wall insulated containers are heavy. For backpacking, this superlight item is excellent.

The rigid interior cup is BPA-cost-free, non-leaching polypropylene. GSI wraps that with a cloth-covered, insulated neoprene sleeve. On the bottom, nonslip footing keeps it safe on slick surfaces.

The insulation is just appropriate for a speedy pre-dawn coffee although hunting or even for leisurely camp coffee. Stuff stays hot extended adequate to let me to continue receiving prepared for my day although sipping drinks more than a half hour or so.


It has a very good lid that seals tightly adequate to trigger suction when altering altitude. A smaller tab opens to let you to sip your coffee or tea devoid of opening it totally. It is avoided several spills.

Ultimately, a sturdy webbing manage presents a grip. It collapses flush for storage.

The plastic does not appear to hold onto flavors considerably, and I’ve applied this point for coffee, oatmeal, wine, whiskey, water — you name it — more than years of backcountry abuse. The outdoors sleeve is dirty as heck. But beyond that, it performs as very good as the day it was new.

I’m positive there are other very good mugs on the industry. But immediately after applying this for dozens of major hikes and backcountry hunting trips, I can not visualize how a single could be superior. I see definitely no flaws in this, and for $10, you definitely can not go incorrect.


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