Capt. Ernie a legend in western New York and beyond


As Capt. Ernie Calandrelli of Lewiston set the hook, there was a significant smile on his face. “It feels like a superior 1,” he stated with excitement in his voice. We have been fishing on the reduced Niagara River along with outside writer Dave Barus of East Aurora and it was a attractive morning. When he pulled the walleye to the side of the boat, we netted it, took some photographs and weighed it prior to releasing it. It weighed eight pounds, 7 ounces.

That is the way our day went, catching bass and walleye all through the morning as he hopped along from drift to drift, searching for out cooperative fish. All through the morning he would share some stories along the way, maintaining us entertained when we weren’t reeling in fish.

No matter exactly where you reside in this nation, if you hunt and fish there’s a superior likelihood you have heard of Capt. Ernie. He’s has been in the outside sector for more than 4 decades, enjoying hunting and fishing even longer than that. He grew up in Western New York, living in Niagara Falls. Following winning quite a few turkey calling competitions with his superior buddy Paul Butski, Ernie began functioning for Quaker Boy Game Calls in Orchard Park.

Following functioning some 32 years with Quaker Boy as the director of public relations and marketing, he lastly retired earlier this year. Out course, that “R” word is a bit of a misnomer. No, he’s not going to function for Quaker Boy each day like he made use of to, but he’s nevertheless carrying out lots of of the similar issues he’s often accomplished in the sector. He is an old college icon who frequently volunteers his time for the subsequent generation of outdoorsmen, he will continue to be a Excellent Lakes charter captain and he will continue to hunt turkey and deer about the nation.

Though is name is commonly related with turkeys and turkey hunting, he’s also 1 heck of a deer hunter. He’s been on quite a few tv applications, videos and radio shows. He’s been the topic of numerous newspaper and magazine articles. Now it is the World-wide-web. Social media has turn into an essential outlet to get his messages out. He’s often prepared to give a speak or share his time, specifically when little ones are involved. In 2016 alone he was involved with youth hunts in Texas, Ohio and Georgia.

As far as his fishing exploits, he’s been a Excellent Lakes charter captain licensed by the U. S. Coast Guard. His angling “home” is the reduced Niagara River and Lake Erie Charter – bodies of water he’s fished for more than 25 years and is regarded as 1 of the most effective in the small business. He fishes year-round for a range of species, but his concentrate is bass, walleye, salmon and trout – not necessarily in that order. Not only is he an ambassador of our fisheries, he is pretty providing of his time and power as he does his most effective to pass on these traditions – beginning with his personal loved ones. His son Nick (who is also a charter captain now) is a chip off the old block – and it scares him!

Capt. Ernie routinely shares his experience and know-how with the subsequent generation of hunters and fishermen as we’ve described. And he’s often donating his time for neighborhood fundraising efforts. He’s been involved with the Jim Kelly Charity Shoot held for various years at the 3-F Conservation Society (his residence club) in Lewiston as 1 instance. He’s also been involved with the Reduce River Sport Fishing Challenge for the fight against Cystic Fibrosis. His life has been all about the outdoors and he shares that passion each likelihood he gets.

As we completed our fishing trip on the river, Ernie carried the similar excitement with him as when we began. “Let’s do it once again sometime quickly,” he stated as we gathered up our gear. We have been delighted and blessed for the invitation. If you have in no way been fishing with Calandrelli, give him a contact somebody and get to know 1 of the accurate outside legends in New York and the nation. He can be reached at (716) 609-3064.


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