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We’re coming up on a time of year that sees a fairly substantial boost in road targeted traffic. Men and women in search of vacation destinations, Fall break from college, Thanksgiving, Diwali, Christmas and Hanukkah, American Beer Day, and of course the International Day of the Ninja (see hyperlinks beneath). None of these should need a bug out car or upgunned technical, but they will probably place you on the road for lots of miles and lots of hours.

So is your car prepped and prepared?

If not, there are a quantity of fantastic articles out there to assistance you get that way. Some are standard, widespread sense preparatory measures for the everyman. Some are a small additional detailed. A single of the latter is a current short article from OFFGRID called Trick your truck: five effortless survival car mods.

In it, they talk about car mods with universality of gear, portability, expense, and implementation.


Surefire rifle mags in a door carrier by DSG Arms. Image by Niccole Elizabeth from an short article by Tom Marshall on 

As OFFGRID explains,

“According to AAA, the typical American spends practically three,000 hours behind the wheel every single year. With this in thoughts, it’d behoove us all to treat our car as not just a mode of transportation, but a important tool that can present all sorts of help in case of a crisis. Merely pulling out of your driveway in the morning provides you a rolling fallback point that involves climate-controlled shelter, signaling, energy, navigation, fire-beginning capability, and storage capacity for emergency gear. So how do we optimize this outstanding resource devoid of spending the expense of a second property?”

Now, the short article does not address suggestions for a truck gun, or assistance on constructing the best tactical pickup truck thoughts, but rather storage and organizational options for such factors as your spare magazines, car security kit and of course your Devtac Ronin.

Lord Humungus Mad Max gif

Due to the fact when you can have a survival car kitted out devoid of a helmet like that, do you really want to?


Bug out car?

Not necessarily.

Do not be fooled by the imagery. You do not have to be organizing a contested evacuation from a post-apocalyptic war zone to use the suggestions they propose. It is a fantastic short article and worth checking out.

Of specific interest to some of us who might have additional than 1 car at property (or an typically-utilised perform car) is the way they retain portability in context, i.e.

“All of the products you see right here can be effortlessly removed from the car. This is specifically vital if you are forced to leave your car in case of an emergency, or if you have to switch autos for any purpose devoid of losing capability. This could be as benign as renting a auto for a enterprise trip or as desperate as commandeering a car on the fly in a higher-threat situation, requiring quick transportation. Or if you have to ditch wheels altogether and go on foot, all of this stuff can be hand-carried with a minimum of weight and bulk.”

That is vital in a quantity of strategies.

Verify it out: Survival Car mods: Trick Your Truck.


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