October 19th, 2019

Do-It-Oneself Chamber Length Gauge

do it yourself chamber length gauge Sinclair case neck

Right here is a clever DIY tool we discovered about from Frank Shuster, a Forum member, who, sadly, passed away in 2015. Frank was a pretty knowledgeable shooter who was often prepared to enable other individuals. Right here is a single of Frank’s wise inventions. He devised a way to measure the length of a rifle’s chamber employing a fired cartridge case. Frank’s technique functions by cutting a “collar” from element of the case neck. This then slips more than a bullet seated in a case loaded without the need of powder or primer. As you chamber the dummy round, the collar will move back to indicate the complete length of the chamber. (Make confident the bullet is seated nicely off the lands so the dummy round can chamber completely.)

do it yourself chamber length gauge Sinclair case neck

do it yourself chamber length gauge Sinclair case neck

The pictured gauge can be household produced (for cost-free) with elements you currently have on hand. Frank explained: “I employed a Dremel reduce-off wheel to reduce the front half of the case neck off. A jewelers needle file to de-burr each rough-reduce edges. The reduce-off surface does not will need to be completely square, since you are employing the original straight mouth to make make contact with at the front of the chamber. Seat any old bullet to the approximate typical seating length. Subsequent apply a tiny drop of oil on the ogive of the bullet, and slide the ‘collar’ more than the bullet. Then chamber the dummy round and close the bolt. Extract the round gradually and meticulously and take the measurement with calipers (see best photo).”

Frank’s DIY chamber length gauge functions nicely. In a connected Forum thread, Frank posted: “I’ve compared length dimensions carrying out it this way and with the chamber length shown on my chambering reamer drawings, and the Sinclair gauge, and they are all inside .01″ or so.”

do it yourself chamber length gauge Sinclair case neckIndustrial Chamber Length Gauges Could Not Perform with Custom Chambers

Frank did use Sinclair chamber-length gauges for some applications. These bullet-shaped gauges slip into a cartridge, but “it’s inconvenient to order that small gauge only… without the need of spending $six shipping for a $7 item.” Furthermore, the Sinclair gauges may well not match a custom chamber with a tighter neck dimension since the diameter of the ring at the finish is also huge.

As an option to industrial gauges, the collar-kind, homemade gauge will function correctly in a custom chamber. The homemade gauge will perform with smaller sized-than-common chamber neck dimensions, as lengthy as you use a piece of appropriately-turned fired brass that fits your chamber.

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