E171: How to Secrets of Threat Intelligence Gathering for Survival


Threat intelligence gathering for prepares
In this episode, we go over intelligence gathering with Sam of Forward Observer Magazine. He shares methods so you can know what’s going on prior to the news.

Threat Intelligence Gathering Episode Subjects:

  • How did Sam come to preparedness
  • What is threat intelligence for creating private early warning systems
  • What is Operation Urban Charger
  • How preppers can create early warning for SHTF
  • Can you use these systems to be on leading of riots and other disasters
  • How significantly of an early warning can preppers get by making use of these techniques
  • What are the two major intelligence issues folks practical experience that slows them down
  • How do we resolve evaluation paralysis
  • How to do social media and other open supply intelligence sources
  • What is Sam’s go to rifle

Fast episode takeaway:

If you had to give an elevator pitch for your book, SHTF Intelligence: An Intelligence Analyst’s Guide to Neighborhood Safety, what would it be?

In an SHTF senario, we’re all going to run into two issues. Quantity a single, we’re going to not have adequate info to make effectively informed time sensitive choices: an intellegence gathering deficiancy. Or, quantity two, we going to have way as well significantly information–we’re going to be drowning info. And that is going to slow down our choice producing procedure.

So via intelligence gathering methods […] we basically resolve each of these issues prior to we encounter them.

To resolve the very first concern, of not obtaining adequate info, I speak about intelligence collection and how to get it automated. I speak about human intelligence gathering, and imagery and open supply signals intelligence gathering all the factors we require to set up now so that we can commence finding these intelligence streams coming into what we get in touch with the A.C.E. (Evaluation and Handle Element). […] So setting up these info gathering mechanisms now to resolve the very first difficulty.

Now to resolve the second difficulty […] I speak about evaluation and how we separate the wheat from the chaff. How we coordinate potentially enormous amounts of info and make it relevant [and] guarantee that it is timely. […]

The final element of the book is about how to set up an intelligence element: The roles, the tasks, and the responsibilities–what every person does so that at zero hours we know […] this is what every person does and this is how we fill this giant blind spot when it comes to threat info gathering.

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