Elevated Earthquake Activity in California-Now is the Time to Prepare


This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com

The Garlock Fault, a key earthquake fault in Southern California that has not moved in 500 years has began to move for the 1st time. This occurred soon after the substantial earthquakes occurred in the Mojave desert final summer season.

What is the Garlock fault?

The Garlock fault runs from east to west from the San Andreas Fault to Death Valley, and spans 185 miles. It has slipped .eight inches, or about two centimeters soon after getting triggered by summer season earthquakes.

What can potentially occur if an earthquake takes place on the Garlock fault?

  • It would lead to earthquakes in places such as the San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, Lancaster, Palmdale, Ventura, Oxnard, Bakersfield and Kern County. These places create crops and also residence to oil refineries.
  • Transportation can be disrupted as roads such as the Interstate five, state routes 14 and 58 and U.S. 395 are nearby.
  • Water can be disrupted as the Los Angeles and California aqueducts which provide imported water to Southern California each cross the fault.
  • Big military installations such as the Fort Irwin National Education Center, Edwards Air Force Base, and Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake may well also be impacted.

Ultimately, it could influence the San Andreas fault and lead to an even much more highly effective earthquake along the 300 mile span of the San Andreas.

The early warning app

This week, the MyShake Early Warning App has been created obtainable for download for Apple and Android customers. It is created to alert the user that an earthquake is coming.  Earthquake shaking travels at the speed of sound, slower than the speed of communications systems. Unless you are in the epicenter, you do not really feel the shaking correct away.

If you are in California, you ought to download the app. Receiving an alert will let you to take preventive measures: you ought to drop, take cover and hold on to one thing.

Now is the time to prepare

I talked to a handful of pals and household members about the current earthquakes and the app. Surprisingly, some have nonetheless not taken any actions to prepare.

  • Verify your residence for something on the walls and furnishings that can fall or come to be unstable when the shaking begins. Safe them so you do not get hurt by falling objects.
  • Have sufficient water and meals to final for at least a week. Do not neglect supplies for your pets as nicely.
  • Maintain your electronics such as your telephone and laptop charged and have a backup supply of energy.
  • Assemble a 1st help kit.
  • Prepare for a energy outage.

Do not delay taking actions to prepare for an earthquake.


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