Father-Son Camp Has Been Embracing the Shooting Sports for 25 Years


The annual Father-Son Camp in East Central Illinois has grown substantially more than the years. It began with 3 dads and their sons a quarter century ago. This year, upwards of 800 participants came out to knowledge ministry and some outside adventures.

Even though some camps appear to eschew what they see as “icky” guns, this camp embraces firearms and the shooting sports. Simply because, as we know, “outdoor adventures” involves entertaining like archery, riflery and shotgun shooting.

I volunteered to assistance coach on the rifle line, not genuinely understanding what I signed up for. I was entirely unprepared for the large numbers of participants.

Participants study Guns Save Life’s GunNews Magazine although waiting for their turn shooting.  Photo by John Boch.

The folks just kept coming and coming and the line waiting to shoot kept developing longer.  Several of the dads brought their residence-schooled little ones. Lots a lot more came from Christian private schools from across Illinois and Indiana.  They integrated the quite young as nicely as older little ones. Some had knowledge shooting.  Additional than a handful of had under no circumstances fired a gun ahead of. We fixed that.

Photo by John Boch

1 in unique reminded me of Ralph from A Christmas Story . . .

Photo by John Boch

Photo by John Boch

Some of the youngest little ones had a challenging time receiving hits on the target. Nevertheless, in the finish, every person scored a handful of. Even if they had a small assistance from the coaches on either side of them.

Yes, every person was a winner at this camp.

Interestingly, the camp is place on at no charge to participants. Generous donations fund the complete weekend’s activities and volunteers assistance run the several events for the boys and their dads – every thing from fishing to shooting sports to canoeing.  Along with the motivational speakers in the evenings as nicely.

Here’s a lot more about the camp from FatherSonCamp.org.

Now in its 25th year, Father Son Camp is an annual occasion in Oakland, Illinois for around 600 campers. The camp combines inspiring ministry with outside adventures. Our objective is to generate lasting memories among fathers and sons, and inspire them to reside passionately for God. Realizing that the expense of a weekend like this could prohibit some households from attending, we are funded totally by donations.

Ministry, meals and some activities are held at Walnut Point State Park. Other activities such as paintball, obstacle course and archery/rifle variety are held at the Miller Family members Farm, about 5 minutes away. Each the park and the farm are situated just outdoors the rural Illinois town of Oakland. Oakland is around one particular hour south of Champaign-Urbana.

Campers arrive on Thursday afternoon in time to set up their campsites, consume a offered dinner and listen to Norm Wakefield’s ministry. Friday and Saturday contain morning and evening ministry sessions, and afternoons packed complete of outside activities. Sunday attributes a worship service and a final ministry session ahead of camp ends at noon. Campers are welcome to attend the complete weekend, or just come for a day or two.
Father Son Camp started unofficially in 1995 when Max Miller, as a three-year-old, asked his dad, Chris, if they could go camping for his birthday with “no girls permitted!”

What started as an overnight outing for 3 dads and 3 sons has grown to a 4 day occasion accommodating around 600 fathers and sons. The Chris Miller family members, along with multitudes of volunteers, endeavors to strengthen the bond among fathers and sons via outside adventures and ignite a passion for serving Jesus Christ via inspiring ministry.

This father/son camp is an independent camp and is not connected with any other father/son camp or ministry.

Photo by John Boch

Judging by the hundreds of people lined up to shoot, the little ones genuinely loved receiving a possibility to shoot. We coaches cycled a entire lot of them via more than 4 hours with out any breaks. I suspect we had as a lot entertaining coaching as the little ones did shooting.


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