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Guns are a substantial investment — each financially and physically.

That is why a lot of us dedicate funds and time to firearms education. Equally significant, even so, is investing in a suitable gun storage program to retain our guns protected and prepared when necessary. In this write-up, I’m going to cover every thing you will need to know about firearm storage. Let’s dive proper in!

What is a Firearm Storage

According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) web site:

“…A protected, gun protected, gun case, lock box, or other device that is created to be or can be applied to shop a firearm and that is created to be unlocked only by indicates of a crucial, a mixture, or other equivalent indicates.”

In layman’s terms:

It is a device intended to retain your firearm protected.

Why Should really You Use One particular

To stop unauthorized customers from accessing it. Plain and straightforward.

It is thoughts-blowing that over 380,000 guns are stolen from gun owners every single year. Not to mention, more than four.six million American youngsters reside in a household exactly where at least a single gun is loaded and unlocked.

I could point to numerous tragedies showcasing what occurs when a gun owner neglects suitable firearm storage. But I believe you have got the point by now: Correct firearm storage is crucial — specially if you have got youngsters at property. That mentioned, right here are…

Typical Gun Storage Selections

There are several methods on storing your firearm. For instance, there are trigger locks, gun instances, gun safes, concealment safes, lock boxes and extra. The query is:

Which protected gun-storage program is most effective for you? It depends on your price range, form of firearm you personal, regional gun security laws, and accessibility of the firearm. For instance, competitive shooters may well need portability for travelling. A collector would possibly want a gun storage that is capable of holding lots of guns. Gun customers that use gun accessories like an AR-10 scope would want added slots. Household defenders be concerned about speed of access.

You get the thought — the proper gun storage program is distinct for everybody. That mentioned, let’s break down the most frequent gun storage possibilities, beginning with…

Trigger Locks

As the name suggests, trigger locks are locks placed on the trigger to stop it from firing. It operates by blocking the barrel or trigger and ammunition from becoming loaded.

The excellent news? A gun lock is the most inexpensive gun storage choice on this list (costing significantly less than $20). Having said that, the query remains: How protected are gun locks? In my opinion, I think trigger locks are a single of the least safe techniques to securing a firearm. Here’s why:

They can be very easily unlocked with paper clips and a screwdriver. In addition, it gives zero protection against theft. Now, I’m not anti-gun locks. In reality, trigger locks are inexpensive, transportable, add extremely tiny weight to the gun, and are super straightforward to use. Having said that, they shouldn’t be applied as the only safety measure to securing a firearm. Rather, trigger locks must serve as an added layer of safety to the storage possibilities pointed out under.

Gun Circumstances

Persons like John Wick use gun instances (pun intended). They’re created to defend a single (or extra) firearms from physical harm and offer portability. These instances are inexpensive and straightforward to shop. If you are in the marketplace seeking to acquire a gun case, you will notice there are two categories gun instances fall into:

The distinction? Difficult instances are extra safe than soft instances. That also indicates they’re bulkier, heavier and extra high priced. On the other hand, soft instances are lighter and quieter. So which a single must you decide on?

If you are seeking for heavy-duty protection, opt-in for a challenging case. Having said that, if you want a lighter case and intend on bringing it with you in the woods, then go for a soft case. What ever case you decide on, retain in thoughts that gun instances are created to transport firearms (or applied as quick-term storages). You shouldn’t shop firearms in gun instances extended-term due to the fact moisture can enter, causing rust. If you are seeking for a extended-term storage unit, then get a…

Gun Protected

Gun safes are the most safe gun storage choice on this list. It is created to be burglar-proof. If a thief breaks into your residence and encounters a gun protected, they’ll possibly leave it alone. Assume about it:

The complicated locking mechanism (like biometrics and radio frequency identification), the heavy-gauge steel, weight, and the possibility of the protected bolted straight into concrete flags a single message: You will not have an straightforward time receiving by means of me.

That is why you must invest in a gun protected — to safely safe your firearm (specially if you have extra than a single). Gun safes do price a quite penny — ranging from $300 to more than $four,000. But the investment will spend itself off ten folds. If you are seeking into purchasing a protected, right here are a handful of value-altering facts to retain an eye out for:

Locking Mechanism: In my opinion, the top quality of the lock is just as significant as the safe’s thickness. That mentioned, there are a couple of locking mechanisms you can get even though deciding upon your gun protected, like: Electronic, mechanical, redundant, and biometric locks. Which a single must you decide on? It is fully up to you. Electronic locks are less complicated to access than spin dial locks, even so, they can be extra high priced.

Firing Rating: Something could occur — like a fire erupting in your property or at your business enterprise. That is why you must invest in a gun protected that is fire-proof. The trouble? Not all safes are fire-proof. And not all of them have the same amount of firing rating.

The query is: How substantially firing rating must you get? On typical, it’ll take 1 hour for an American residence to burn to the ground (with no firefighters intervening). That mentioned, it’d be most effective if you purchased a protected that can survive an hour or extra at 1,300 degrees. If you are on a price range, then pick a gun protected that has the longest firing rating that you can afford.

Steel Thickness: If you want a safe protected that deters robbers with hammers or screwdrivers, then make positive to get a protected that is heavily constructed. Which means, stay away from thin metal frames that are constructed from 14 to 20 gauges. Rather, aim for a steel gauge of at least 10 (preferably eight or six). Also, do know that steel is gauged working with the reverse scale. This indicates a 9 gauge steel is thicker than 12, 14, or 15 gauge.

How to Appropriately Retailer Your Firearm

You have just purchased a gun storage program and installed it in your property. What’s subsequent? Finding out how to correctly shop your firearm(s) in the protected. Here’s how you do it, beginning with…

Take away Gun Protected Moisture

A firearm’s worst enemy is rust. Rust will actually destroy bluing and corrode your gun more than time. So…what causes rust and how can I repair it?

Moisture causes rust, therefore why you must get rid of gun protected moisture. That mentioned, here’s an helpful way to removing moisture from a protected:

Invest in a dehumidifier. It is an electric gadget that automatically removes moisture from the air. It operates like a vacuum — it sucks in the air, removes the moisture (putting it into a collection tank), and blows the air back out. Fairly cool, proper? Just try to remember to set a calendar reminder each month or so (based on the item you buy) to verify the battery life and water tank.

Use Gun Oil

Gun oil is the excellent stuff.

It has some quite neat properties that’ll enhance the longevity of your firearm like:

  • Decreasing adhesion of abrasives (like grit and sand)
  • Prevents formation of rust even though defending metal surfaces from moisture
  • Could uphold in intense environments

Personally, I like working with all-in-a single CLP (clean, lubricate, defend) form cleaner. Having said that, if you are not a fan of CLPS, then stick to the excellent ol’ Rem Oil. What ever choice you decide on, make positive to stay away from working with WD-40. It oxidizes rather speedily and begins to turn yellow. Not excellent.

Stay clear of Skin-to-Metal Get in touch with

Your gun has a sensitive spot:

The barrel. (Or something that is metal). It does not like becoming touched there prior to hibernating in the gun storage. Why? Due to the fact your hand is oily. And your physique oils are extremely damaging to metal.

In reality, it’ll bring about rusty fingerprint spots on the gun’s metal if stored for a period of time. The excellent news? The option is super straightforward. Just put on a pair of gloves (lightly coated with oil) when moving your firearm into the gun storage.


Two months has passed and the reminder you set to verify your dehumidifier has been alerted. What’s subsequent?

Very first, take out your dehumidifier and verify the battery life along with the water storage to see if it wants upkeep. Then, pull out every single gun from the protected and inspect them. The objective is to double verify your cleaning regimen to make positive you didn’t miss something. Have added time? Verify your firearm’s accessories like night vision optics or red dot sight for extra cleaning. If every thing pins out, then place back your guns into the protected (try to remember to put on gloves) and set the subsequent calendar reminder.

Firearm Storage Guidelines

Right here are a handful of added suggestions to assure your firearms are safely stored:

  • Do not leave your firearm out in the open or in locations exactly where they can be accessed by unauthorized men and women (like youngsters).
  • Rather, use a committed gun storage (like a gun protected, locking steel cabinet, gun case, and so forth.) that is secured with a lock.
  • Assure gun is unloaded prior to storing it in the storage.
  • Maintain firearm ammunition in a separate place and away from flammables.
  • Retailer ammunition in a dry atmosphere to stop corrosion.
  • If you have optics, make positive they’re covered to stop dust falling on the lenses. That way, your riflescope stays clean.
  • As an added security precaution, use a trigger lock or cable lock when firearms are stored.
  • Retailer guns horizontally (or with muzzle pointing downward).
  • Gun storage location must be dry, clean and cool.


I’m a substantial advocate of protected gun storage practice.

Just like how most gun owners acquire a gun for protection, all gun owners must acquire a top quality protected to stop (or at least lesson the possibility of) gun theft and maintaining it away from unauthorized men and women. What ever your storage specifications or price range may well be, I’m positive you will obtain a safe gun storage technique that’ll match your will need.


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