I must have know much better (axe harm)


My nephew and I decided to go clear a trail in the woods. He brought his new GB American axe and I brought my 24″ CT Woodcraft pack axe and a 1.75 lb East German head on a 24″ deal with.

Most of the wood was downed for the duration of choose cutting of some great trees that had crossed the home line trail. Most was quite punky but lots of it was nonetheless strong.

This thread is about how I ended up right here….



The WPA has often been a really like hate connection with me. I despise the flat grind simply because it is broken pretty quickly. I had micro-beveled it to take away component of the micro-rolls I knowledgeable nearly each and every time I employed it. These days was a opportunity to attempt it.

I began out chopping a half rotten log and the WPA did pretty properly. I bucked numerous six” to 10″ logs with it devoid of harm. That was the greatest functionality it has ever shown. I was quite shocked soon after my previous experiences.

I attempted the East German axe on numerous branches and logs and it reduce beautifully. Zero harm at all.

Then I necessary to knock off some compact dead decrease Hemlock branches…….

I’ve known as these tiny branches hatefully really hard prior to. I chipped and rolled numerous axes on these branches. I believed that if I sliced them a bit that it would not roll the edge on my axes.

I was incorrect. Actually lightly tapping the stone like branches produced numerous compact rolls on my WPA. Negative adequate that I did not want to start out exaggerating the harm so I stopped working with it till I could repair it. I just began smashing the branches off with the poll.

There was a downed Hemlock across the trail that I could chop by means of the trunk to move it. I employed the West G. axe to chop by means of the trunk and ended up hitting knots on the back side of the trunk as I reduce by means of. That is what triggered the bigger roll….

This is how the above harm occurred.

The deal with on the West German axe moved a bit. I tapped the finish of the deal with with a dead blow and drove it on additional and pulled the wedge.

You can see in this image how a great deal space I necessary to fill.


There is space in the kerf and about the outdoors. I reduce off the thin component of the wedge so that my wedge barely match in the slot. This avoids bottoming out the wedge. Then I beat the wedge like it owes me dollars.


Speedy saw and belt sander operate.


Then I fixed the edge. I left it rough simply because something more than 120 grit definitely is just vanity.

This is quickly a single of my favourite packable axes.


The flat grind on the WPA has often bothered me. The West German axe has a lesser steel but it took a lot far more to harm it.

The flat grind lastly had to go…..

There goes that silly transition bump in between the edge and cheeks.


Right here is some super shiny vanity! The edge this axe was born to have.


The tiny micro-bevel is barely visible.

Such a wonderful curve.


I can not wait to attempt it now. This may well pretty properly grow to be a single of my favourite axes soon after years of not caring for it.

The quick version…. never chop dead dry hemlock……it will jack up your edge. Convexes rock!



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