MA – GUN Manage – If You Feel They Will not Seize Your Guns…


Unbelievable. Stephen Nichols, an 84-year-old Korean War
veteran who served on the Tisbury, MA, police force for 60 years has had his
firearms seized. Here’s what occurred:

He was consuming breakfast in the neighborhood diner, Linda Jean’s,
when he commented to a buddy that the college resource officer was typically noticed
leaving college in the mornings. When he’d investigated it, he identified out that
the resource officer at Tisbury college was leaving — immediately after young children have been
present — to get himself a coffee at the Xtra Mart nearby.

Nichols pointed out that something could occur even though the college safety guard was gone. He mentioned that somebody could come in and shoot up the college even though the guard was gone. Nichols described the circumstance as the college guard ‘leaving his post.’ And that is it, people. A hazardous, violent threat. A waitress overheard the conversation and known as the Tisbury Police Division, and the Police chief and a further officer arrived and told Mr. Nichols to get into their police car or truck they took him to his house exactly where they … [full article]


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