Overnighter to perform on Bushclass Sophisticated


Hello all,

@Seahunter and I went into the woods to verify some products off the Bushclass Sophisticated lesson program. I wanted to get my overnighter in a framed shelter accomplished and as the BLM had lifted fire restrictions I could get a couple of the fire lessons accomplished that are definitely risky to do in the summer time about right here. Let’s start off with a photo:


We did a brief two.five mile hike in to a spot that we each had located independently and camped out to comprehensive earlier Bushclass assignments. It was quite dry and some of the smaller sized ponds have been fully dry.


Hunting was on the agenda but we ended up just taking our shotguns for a stroll.

We got to the web site about 1:00 pm and did not finish functioning on projects till six:30 ish when we stopped to consume some thing.

Like I described prior to I wanted to perform on my framed shelter and utilised some of the grey pines that had died in an earlier wildfire or blow down for my poles. Moreover I utilised my BCUSA tarp. Right here is a image of the completed shelter:


The complete construct can be located in the Bushclass. I utilised a hatchet that I hafted for bushclass on this trip to construct the shelter. The hatchet created rapid perform of removing the bark and cleaning the branches.


The hatchet head was offered by @krismorgan when I 1st joined BCUSA when I was functioning on my Bushclass Standard lessons.

The other cause I had the hatchet was I wanted to comprehensive a split wood fire devoid of a knife. I utilised additional grey pine for my split wood fire and practiced producing shavings a way that @NWPrimate has accomplished in his videos:


I got the fire going with a single stick of grey pine:


We also place with each other a fire reflector created out of stones from the dry creek bed that we have been camping by.


Though Seahunter was producing his shelter out of deadwood grey pine bark he located this:


We have been each glad it wasn’t a rattle snake and left him alone. With the perform acquiring close to accomplished we each have been hungry and I had brought some squirrel stew that I created earlier in the week for our dinner. Seahunter brought some chestnuts to roast.


I forgot to bring any consuming utensils and Seahunter was good sufficient to let me have his although he worked on producing a single for himself:





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