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These days we have a appear at the artificial Battlefield at eFP Battle Group in Latvia, exactly where troops from the Czech Republic conduct a reside fire workout with 120 mm mortars.

Someplace additional down there are going to be significant holes, and/or a lot of fragments, from these enormous 120 mm rounds.

If my Google-fu expertise are any very good, this is the Mortar utilised by the Chech Republic.

Mortar 120 mm PRAM L, kind 82

A smooth barrel mortar it is an artillery weapon developed to be utilised against enemy manpower, his fire positions, light shelters and trenches. It is also recognized as “M M1982” beneath international classification.

As opposed to its predecessor (82 mm mortar kind 52), the PRAM L mortar 120 mm kind 82 is a car-towed weapon method. It can be very easily detached from its mounting and ready for firing.

Standard Technical Information

  • Towed weight: 240 kg

  • Combat weight: 178 kg

  • Crew: three

  • Length of barrel: 1,700 mm

  • Line of elevation: +40° up to +85°

  • Line of traverse: ±8°

  • Minimum firing distance: 250 m

  • Maximum variety: eight,00 m

  • Price of fire: 10 to 12 rounds per minute

  • Weight of mine: 16 kg

The 120 mm grenades are definitely enormous. The rifle appears like a CZ 805 Bren.

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We do not do mortars also generally, but when we do they’re the ideal mortars in the Planet. What do you assume?


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