Survival Medicine Hour #370: Amebiasis, Nail Bed Injuries, Altitude Sickness


Nail bed laceration

A fractured femur or a gunshot wound to the chest are main injuries that have an effect on your probabilities of survival in disaster settings, but not all injuries are so intense. “Minor” injuries can also effect the efficiency of a group member off the grid.  Of these, nailbed injuries are some you will usually see. You can consider that nailbed injuries will be much more popular when untrained (and probably careless) persons carry out tasks to which they’re not accustomed. Joe and Amy Alton describe different kinds of trauma and their treatment options.

Acute Mountain Sickness

The journal PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) reports that 33.five% of the population lives under an elevation of 100 meters above sea level. That indicates that there’s a possibility that you could possibly have to abruptly relocate from a dwelling at sea level to a “bug-out” place in the mountains. As well abruptly, although, and you can get sick. Joe Alton MD discusses acute mountain sickness and what to do to avoid and treat it.

amebiasis (amoebiasis)

Also, the second greatest result in of death from protozoal parasites, soon after malaria, is amebiasis (amoebiasis), a situation brought on by entamoeba hystolitica. This organism attacks different organs, occasionally the intestines, other instances the liver, and elsewhere. Uncover out how to recognize and treat this terrible pathogen and different methods to disinfect water which could contain  it. 

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Joe and Amy Alton

Amy and Joe Alton

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