When‘s dinner? Two sandhill cranes have been stopping by a WBL property for a snack for a decade – Twin Cities


On Tuesday afternoon, Guido and Gloria stopped by a friend’s property in White Bear Lake for a bite to consume.

“They’re right here!” Debbie Dorner hollered to fiance Paul Moe, who hurried to get a snack.

“They actually do consume fairly a lot,” Moe mentioned. If he didn’t rush, Guido would commence knocking impatiently on the sliding glass door.

The guests, two sandhill cranes, have been dropping by the retired couple’s residence routinely for 10 years.

They show up in the spring, disappear through nesting season and return in the fall when their young are in a position to fly.

Moe generally has a cup (or 5) of cracked corn and sunflower seeds prepared. Guido, the male, has grow to be so comfy with Moe that he’ll consume ideal out of his hand, which is saying some thing, given that Guido’s beak is about 7 inches extended and pointed like a dagger.

“This is the closest I’ve ever come to getting a pet in my life,” Dorner mentioned. “They’re so considerably exciting.”

The four-foot tall birds, which migrate south to Florida for the winter, show up at the door, watch Television via the glass, hang out by the bird feeders, chase off squirrels, lounge in the shade and squawk at passing dogs.

The couple never ever hears them come or go. It is as even though they just all of a sudden seem and disappear.

“They are unbelievably quiet in their movements,” Moe mentioned.

As soon as, he was outdoors operating at the grill and was startled when he turned and saw Guido standing behind him.

When the birds leave, they face the exact same path with their heads down, take about two actions, noiselessly spread their six-foot wings and take flight.

More than the years, Guido and Gloria have brought their young children with them in the fall. It is generally just one particular, but 3 years ago there had been twins, a boy and a girl. The males are distinguished by red feathers on their heads.

Guido usually comes by himself in the spring but then disappears in the summer season, assisting Gloria with the hatchlings, which the couple believes are in a nest in nearby wetlands. Their home backs up to a pond.


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