A History and Evaluation of the M14 and M1A – Component two


M1A -SOCOM Scout Squad

We lately covered the very first aspect of the M14 rifle’s history in aspect 1 of this weblog series. Currently, we’ll cover the second aspect, as nicely as offer an evaluation of its modern day counterpart, the M1A.

The M14 was manufactured in somewhat little numbers, but has had a good influence on warfare and is revered by riflemen.

But the M14 rifle is unobtainable by civilian shooters considering that the rifle is a totally automatic battle rifle. Colt supplied copies of the AR-15 in semi-auto versions as the Colt Sporter relatively early on so the market place was there.

The M14, on the other hand, was also manufactured in a National Match version devoid of the totally automatic trigger action. This was termed the M1A.

M1A Squad Scout
The M1A Squad Scout is accessible with wood furnishings. Note the scope-mounting rail.

An Evolution in Style

Making use of an M1 Garand trigger action in very simple terms, the M1A was a uncommon bird at very first. In 1974, Springfield Armory was founded and the item was M1A rifles.

These rifles have been manufactured in some circumstances from surplus components and then from modern day, newly manufactured receivers, stocks and barrels.

The rifle characteristics a 22-inch barrel with flash-hider, a good set of sights, a 20-round box magazine, 5- and 10-round magazines, and the rifle is accessible in National Match versions.

The M1A is alive and nicely and even though it is not a “real” M14, it is possibly the rifle the M14 need to have been. A semi-automatic battle rifle tends to make sense. The M1A is a good target rifle. The M1/M1A variety rifle desires appropriate lubrication to run nicely.

If effectively lubricated and fed excellent ammunition, the M1A is a trustworthy firearm.

Cream of the Crop

I am not specifically going out on a limb right here, but these that have not fired the variety extensively as I have may possibly take exception with what I am about to say.

The M1A, in my opinion, is a far more trustworthy rifle and far more robust in extended term service than either the M1 Garand or Armalite AR-15 variety.

The rifle may possibly not be pretty as correct in the typical versions as the AR-15 forms, but a National Match rifle is lots correct and desires to take a back seat to no rifle.

There are a quantity of quite desirable variations of the rifle that make for fantastic close-quarter battle rifles. There are even shorter CQB versions.

The Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine did not function out—it was possibly the final gasp of the bolt-action rifle—and the Tanker Garand was much less than excellent.

The M1A SOCOM, with a 16-inch barrel, and Scout Squad, with an 18-inch barrel, every single make fantastic close-quarters battle rifles. The rifle is nicely-produced of excellent supplies. The locking lugs settle in tightly. I have examined a quantity of M14 clones.

Some are quite poor. The Chinese-produced M14s is basically a strong rifle, but it calls for a excellent bit of modification to make it serviceable. The Springfield M1A is a tighter rifle with a far better make high quality.

M1A -SOCOM Scout Squad
The M1A in its SOCOM and Scout Squad versions is a very first-class emergency rifle.

Customizations and Calibers

A good benefit of the M1A more than the Garand is the ease with which optics may possibly be mounted. The M1A Scout, as an instance, characteristics a mount in front of the receiver for mounting extended eye relief scopes and appropriate low-riding red dot sights.

The alternatives are wide-ranging and make for fantastic all-about utility in the game field, for individual defense and tactical use. My individual rifle is fitted with the XS front dot sight, an fantastic selection for 24-hour use. The rifles are enjoyable to fire.

A actual sense of accomplishment is aspect of the chore of mastering the rifle. With time and work, the M1A will respond nicely to a educated marksman. As for tactical use, the .308 is the excellent rifle.

Let me pressure that the five.56mm is fine for most uses—but not all. The 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge will effectively engage subjects behind cover or wearing heavy physique armor.

The .308 will reduce by way of two car doors and nonetheless exhibit fantastic wound prospective. I after personally skilled a .45 ACP bullet bouncing off of a tempered glass door when it hit the glass at a serious angle.

On a further occasion, a .41 Magnum 210-grain load penetrated a door, struck the heavy metal backing of a 1970s Chrysler front seat, and bounced upward and by way of the roof!

This need to not happen with the .308 Winchester.

The .308 beats all handguns, the . 223 rifle and shotgun slugs for penetration and accuracy. Pistol caliber carbines are a poor option for police function, but I suppose a valuable expedient with half-educated personnel.

With a effectively educated person, the .308 is a good rifle. In some strategies, it is equivalent in overall performance (but far better) to the .30-30 WCF rifles after issued to the LAPD, Washington State Patrol and other individuals.

Hornady ammo
Hornady ammunition provides fantastic wound prospective.

M14 and M1A: Conclusion

As for myself, it is hugely unlikely I will be involved in a defensive predicament or 1 in which I would confront felons behind cover. The M1A is, very first and foremost, a good recreational rifle.

Most of the loads I use are a mix of Hornady A-Max or Interlock and H4895 powder. I load the Hornady Black loads in a magazine for “just in case” use.

In the end, the M1A is an critical aspect of my shooting life and a good addition to anyone’s battery.

Thoughts on the M1A? What’s your preferred variety of rifle? Let us know in the comments beneath.


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